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The BC Rich Mockingbird has been a perennial favorite among electric guitarists searching for a distinctive guitar with a versatile voice since it was first introduced in the mid-70's. The guitar's unique shape and stellar tone were complemented by impeccable craftsmanship and smooth playability, which was enhanced by its heel-less neck-through construction, a rarity at that time. The BC Rich company was an early pioneer of the neck-through construction technique, which uses a single, long piece of wood (or several long pieces laminated together), running from the headstock all the way through the body of the guitar, down to the strap button on the butt end of the instrument. This results in a much more resonant guitar with incredible sustain, because all the major elements in generating tone are mounted to this single platform, from the headstock and fingerboard to the pickups and bridge. Another benefit of this design is that there is no heel joint needed where the neck typically joins the body, resulting in a thinner, smoother heel, with enhanced access to the upper frets.

While Bernardo Chavez Rico began crafting Flamenco guitars in the early 60's, by the time he began building solidbody electrics including the Seagull, Eagle, Warlock and Bich under the BC Rich name, major players of all persuasions took notice, and soon enough the Mockingbird could be seen warbling in the hands of guitar giants like Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo dude Rick Derringer, and Dick Wagner, six-string wunderkind for Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, and a slew of others. Today, proving Darwin's evolutionary theories all over again, there is a wide variety of Mockingbird species available, from more modestly appointed models with less flamboyant plumage and bolt-on necks, to more exotic birds in all their full-throated, neck-through glory. The Pro X Mockingbird, for instance, features a 24-fret ebony fingerboard with 24-5/8 in. scale length on a mahogany neck-through body design, with two EMG humbucking pickups and a Floyd Rose Original tremolo, for incredible tonal variety and smooth playability, while a close cousin, the Pro X Mockingbird Hardtail, sports a TonePros Tune-O-Matic-style bridge, for enhanced sustain and tuning stability.

The Mockingbird ST can be seen with a Transparent Blue, Purple or Honey finish to highlight the stunning quilt maple top, and an array of knobs and switches to color the sounds of the dual high-output Duncan Designed humbuckers, including a 5-position varitone filter knob, a reverse phase switch, and dual coil tap switches, for a Mockingbird that can mimic virtually any tone you can conjure. The Mockingbird ST 7-String with Pearl White plumage expands the tonal range with an added lower B string and a Floyd Rose Original 7-String tremolo, for deep, warbly trills and mating calls; while the largest of the species, the Mockingbird ST Bass, features dual bass humbuckers and a 24-fret, 34 in. scale length, for some of the most resonant deep-throated tones found in nature. Ornithological rockers on a budget will want to add the very affordable Masterpiece Mockingbird to their bird watching list, a gorgeous arch-top with AAA quilted maple veneer that can sing and warble like its more rarified cousins. Whatever song is in your head, the BC Rich Mockingbird was designed to bring it to life. Order yours today!