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Sabian describes the Big and Ugly series as "big, dark and dynamic." Naturally, that goes deeper than their gritty looks: it's about impressive tone and all the craftsmanship you'd expect from Sabian cymbals. They're one of the biggest manufacturers in the world, after all, and cymbal making is as much an art form as it is a craft. Everything that rolls out of Sabian's east coast shop is proof of that, with Sabian Big and Ugly cymbals showing what they can do when they take an aggressive approach. As a matter of fact, "aggressive" is the perfect word to describe this percussion's look and, more importantly, its sound.

Ride cymbals are the bread and butter of Sabian's Big and Ugly selection, which starts with the XS20 Series Monarch Cymbal. By this section's standards, the Monarch is a lightweight - but its sound is anything but. It's a focused, crashable medium-thin that has a vintage look and feel at a really affordable price point. Keeping with the royal theme is the crown regent of the HH-series cymbals in the Big and Ugly line, the Sabian HH Series King Cymbal. This one is an unbelievably complex design that can be powerful, sophisticated, dry, dark or washy... it all depends on how you strike.

Some of the cymbals you'll find here have an unmistakeable character to their tone, which makes them perfect choices if you need a ride cymbal that's tailored to your personal sound. For instance, the Sabian HHX Series Phoenix Cymbal is just right for lovers of dark, mature acoustics. On the other hand, the HH Nova Ride is all about extremes: extremely low, extremely dry. If you'd prefer something a bit more balanced, try the HH Series Pandora Cymbal - its pitch and tone come in squarely between the HH King and HH Nova.

When you want your sound to be dynamic, raw and visceral, the Sabian Big and Ugly collection is a great way to get it there. It's up to you whether you'd like to build a set with multiple Big and Ugly ride cymbals to take advantage of all the available tones or just add one or two of them to spice up an otherwise conventional drum kit. Either way, you can count on Sabian Big and Ugly to help you achieve a percussion style that's all your own.