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Boutique Pedals

Boutique Pedals
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Results & Compare List:
  1. 48-Month Financing**
    Old Blood Noise Endeavors Visitor Parallel Multi-Modulator Effects Pedal
    Product Price $199.00
  2. 48-Month Financing**
    Beetronics FX Fatbee Overdrive Effects Pedal
    Product Price $189.00
  3. 48-Month Financing**
    Eventide H9 MAX Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
    Product Price $699.99
    Or $15/month for 48 months
  4. 48-Month Financing**
    EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V3 Reverb Effects Pedal
    Product Price $199.00
  5. 48-Month Financing**
    JHS Pedals PG-14 Paul Gilbert Signature Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
    Product Price $199.00
  6. 48-Month Financing**
    Seymour Duncan Diamondhead Multistage Distortion + Boost Effects Pedal
    Product Price $229.00
  7. 48-Month Financing**
    Walrus Audio Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato V2 Effects Pedal
    Product Price $199.00
  8. 48-Month Financing**
    Walrus Audio Mako Series D1 Delay Effects Pedal
    Product Price $299.00
    Or $13/month for 24 months
  9. New
    Electro-Harmonix EHX-2020 Tuner Pedal
    Product Price $39.00
  10. 48-Month Financing**
    Orange Amplifiers Bass Butler Bi-Amping DI Pedal
    Product Price $399.00
    Or $17/month for 24 months
  11. 48-Month Financing**
    Way Huge Electronics Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz Effects Pedal
    Product Price $129.99
  12. 48-Month Financing**
    Way Huge Electronics Smalls Pork & Pickle Bass Overdrive Effects Pedal
    Product Price $169.99
  13. Electro-Harmonix Triple Foot Controller
    Product Price $40.80
  14. Save 15% with LOUD2020
    Pigtronix Infinity Looper 2 Stereo Looping Effects Pedal
    Product Price $199.00
    Open Box:
  15. 48-Month Financing**
    Old Blood Noise Endeavors Minim Immediate Ambience Machine Reverb, Tremolo, Delay Effects Pedal
    Product Price $229.00
  16. 48-Month Financing**
    Keeley Neutrino V2 Envelope Filter Effects Pedal
    Product Price $179.00
  17. 48-Month Financing**
    Keeley ECCOS Delay and Looper Effects Pedal
    Product Price $249.00
  18. 48-Month Financing**
    JHS Pedals Colour Box V2 Preamp Pedal
    Product Price $399.00
  19. 48-Month Financing**
    Darkglass Harmonic Booster Bass Preamp Pedal
    Product Price $199.99
  20. 48-Month Financing**
    Electro-Harmonix Ram's Head Big Muff Pi Distortion/Sustainer Effects Pedal
    Product Price $99.00
    Open Box:
  21. 48-Month Financing**
    Electro-Harmonix Nano Operation Overlord Overdrive/Distortion Pedal
    Product Price $89.40
    Open Box:
  22. 48-Month Financing**
    JHS Pedals Cheese Ball Fuzz Effects Pedal
    Product Price $179.00
  23. 48-Month Financing**
    Old Blood Noise Endeavors Signal Blender Switching Effects Pedal
    Product Price $129.00
  24. 48-Month Financing**
    Walrus Audio ARP-87 Multi-Function Neon Delay Effects Pedal
    Product Price $199.00
  25. 48-Month Financing**
    Walrus Audio Monument V2 Limited-Edition Neon Harmonic Tap Tremolo Effects Pedal
    Product Price $199.00
  26. Sale
    Walrus Audio Julia Limited-Edition Neon Chorus/Vibrato Effects Pedal
    Product Price $149.99 Regular Price $169.00 On Sale Now!
  27. 48-Month Financing**
    Walrus Audio Fathom Multi-Function Neon Reverb Effects Pedal
    Product Price $199.00
  28. 48-Month Financing**
    CopperSound Pedals Loma Prieta Harmonic Tremolo Effects Pedal
    Product Price $199.00
  29. 48-Month Financing**
    Darkglass Darkglass Microtubes X Ultra Bass Preamp Pedal
    Product Price $429.99
    Open Box:
  30. 48-Month Financing**
    Electro-Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine Effects Pedal
    Product Price $221.30
  31. 48-Month Financing**
    Electro-Harmonix Tri Parallel Mixer Pedal
    Product Price $138.70
  32. Save 15% with LOUD2020
    Carl Martin Panama Overdrive Effects Pedal
    Product Price $199.95
  33. 48-Month Financing**
    Fulltone Custom Shop True-Path ABY-ST V2 Switch Pedal
    Product Price $220.15
    Open Box:
  34. 48-Month Financing**
    Fulltone Custom Shop OCD-Ge Germanium Overdrive Effects Pedal
    Product Price $194.65
  35. 48-Month Financing**
    Fulltone Custom Shop Supa-Trem 2 V2 Tremolo Effects Pedal
    Product Price $220.15
  36. 48-Month Financing**
    Walrus Audio Kangra Filter Fuzz Effects Pedal
    Product Price $199.00
  37. Save 15% with LOUD2020
    Carl Martin Surf Trem 2018 Tremolo Effects Pedal
    Product Price $110.60
  38. Save 25% with LOUD2020
    Carl Martin DC Drive 2018 Overdrive Effects Pedal
    Product Price $199.95
  39. Save 15% with LOUD2020
    Carl Martin Atlantic V2 Chorus Effects Pedal
    Product Price $139.30
    Open Box:
  40. 48-Month Financing**
    Carl Martin Comp Limiter Compressor Effects Pedal
    Product Price $199.95
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Made in small batches, these effects pedals give you the ability to truly customize and create a tone all your own. The innovations and modifications have given you the ability to find a pedal that will suit your style and make you sound original. It’s all about the details when it comes to boutique pedals. These units are sometimes hand soldered, have non-standard hardware, high-quality components and some are even hand painted with original designs. The look, feel and sound are created by enthusiasts looking to build on the traditional to give you something totally different. As such, it’s a good idea to figure out the basic effect you are looking for and then take a look at what the innovators are doing to make it even better.

Brands like T-Rex Engineering offer their own twist on phase shifters like the Tonebug Phaser Pedal which gives you the option of using a switch to go between either vintage or modern effects. This little innovation streamlined the process for guitar players. Instead of having to tweak the depth and resonance yourself, T.Rex designed it so you just have to flip a switch to go between effects styles. They also offer an array of other tweaks on classics with their Mudhoney Distortion Pedal, Compnova Compression Pedal, RoomMate Tube Reverb and many more. The pedals are all ones you recognize but are made more impressive due to an interest in making them as sound unique as possible.

Some brands, like Mad Professor, create pedals to imitate very specific time periods. For instance the 1 Guitar Effects Pedal gives you the ability to turn up the ‘Brown’, a guitar tone popular in the late 70s, while their Hand Wired Mighty Red touts being able to give you 80s style overdrive. While you could play with ordinary effects pedals and eventually get the same result, these enthusiasts do the work for you and make it easier than ever to get the specific tone you want.

There are so many innovators and experimenters looking to create new and modified effects pedals. Whatever specific or non-specific sound you are looking for, there will be a boutique pedal to match it. These people know and love effects so you can be sure you’re getting a unique and quality product.
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