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Every performing musician's goal is to connect with their audience, and once you achieve that connection, it's deeply crucial to maintain it. To keep you linked with the audience, Asterope cables and snakes are constructed with the finest materials, so your gear can stay linked and operating without any interruptions, and you can continue doing what you do best.

For pure, clean and high definition sound, Asterope cables and snakes are as good as it gets. Used by musicians and audio engineers all over the world, the clarity and frequency response provided by Asterope cables and snakes is the result of dedicated designing experts who put an astounding amount of consideration into the detail and quality of every product they construct. From microphone cables to guitar patchcords, you'll be sure to find the cable or snake you need courtesy of Asterope.

For an exceptional cable with extra bandwidth and superb balance, the Asterope Pro Stage Series instrument cables are durable, consistent, and perfect for both casual rehearsal use and large concert productions. While you're at it, check out the Pro Studio 1/4 inch Straight to Straight instrument cable. Delivering a broader sound than traditional cables, the ultra-efficient signal flow of this cable is absolutely phenomenal. For vocals, Asterope's Pro Stage XL microphone cables are the preferred choice for both artists and engineers due to their superior quality and durability. Overall, you'll have no problem connecting with your audience by going with any of these remarkable choices.

To ensure a performance goes without a hitch, you need to be prepared... and this includes being equipped with patch cables and snakes that are made by experienced audio masters. Manufactured right here in the United States, Asterope takes great pride in offering cables and snakes that sound incredible, and are built to last through near infinite amounts of usage.