Tube Bogner Combo Guitar Amplifiers

Since 1989, Bogner tube combo guitar amplifiers have been preferred by guitarists who want to explore a wide range of tonal possibilities when they plug in. Of course, that's exactly what founder Reinhold Bogner had in mind when he started the company. In fact, the amazing versatility of Bogner tube combo guitar amplifiers has earned the praise of many famous recording artists, including Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains, Steve Lukather of TOTO, Marty Friedman of Megadeth and countless others.

For a perfectly balanced tube combo amp that will make any control freak grin from ear to ear, turn your attention to the Bogner Barcelona 112 40W 1x12. This portable combo amp was designed for guitarists who want a clean sound with plenty of high headroom - with that being said, it's also capable of achieving some pretty extraordinary high-gain sounds. It's loaded with a pair of 6CA7 power tubes, a 1x12 combo Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, a Gain knob with pull fat switch, 3-position midrange selector and much more. With the Barcelona 112 in your setup, you'll have no problem creating the guitar sound you've always dreamed of.

Another popular Bogner amplifier is the Goldfinger 45 45W 1x12. Boasting rich harmonic textures and a variety of controls to customize your ideal tone, it's no wonder why many guitarists see this 2-channel tube amp as one of the finest on the market. From its extensive tone-shaping tools to its ability to break up at lower volumes, the Goldfinger 45 is a killer little combo that will impress any rocker who likes a warm, gritty sound.

Even in today's extensive market of tube combo guitar amplifiers, Bogner's models continually lead the competition because of their beautifully-constructed designs, user-friendly layout and exceptional power. On stage or in the studio, you'll be blown away by what a Bogner tube combo guitar amplifier can do for your performance. So without further hesitation, start browsing this catalog and see what's in store.

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