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Tone-crazy guitar players are all too familiar with what Bugera combo guitar amplifiers can do for their playing enjoyment. Known worldwide for their crisp and punchy tone, these boutique amps have come to life through a dedicated team of guitar enthusiasts. In fact, Bugera winds their own coils, machines their own back plates and tests their own speakers. These techniques, along with their use of circuit boards to eliminate noise, results in a guitar amp that combines the benefits of a vintage amp without any of the setbacks.

Bugera offers an impressive selection of combo amps in this catalog, each of which has their own strengths and unique characteristics. For example, if it's a classic '60s tone you crave, then you'll love the V22 1x12. Perfect for practice, small club gigs and home recording projects, this loud little beast features 2 EL84 power tubes that make it ideal for both revved up blues artists and garage-rock purists. Additionally, the V22 has bright and normal inputs, a multi-gain stage lead channel with pre, post-gain and master controls, and a high-class reverb control option.

Another one of Bugera's more unique combo amp choices is the BC30-212 30W 2x12 hybrid. Unlike most amps, the BC30-212 actually communicates with you and your instrument, and responds to the subtle dynamics of your playing. No channel switches or signal boosting devices are needed to change your town with this amp. Instead, you control the amp from your guitar; pick softy for crystal-clear tones, pick hard for a pulverizing crunch, and so on. Overall, the BC30-212 is powerful, easy to use, and its versatility makes it suitable for jazz, country and even instrumental surf-rock.

Of course, whatever Bugera combo amp you decide to go with, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Bugera's line of combo guitar amplifiers are truly in a class of their own, and incorporating one into your setup will certainly bring the best out of your performance.