Concert Drum Cases & Gig Bags

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Performances can happen in all kinds of different places, and you're not always going to have drums waiting for you when you get there. Most of the time, you need to bring your own - and to get them there safely, it takes a good complement of concert drum cases and gig bags. Whether you're packing up your percussion for a short jaunt across town or getting ready to embark on a cross-country tour, you'll find the cases and gig bags in this section to ensure that your concert drums are well-protected along the way. And the benefits go further than just keeping them safe: a good case is also loaded with features that make them easier to carry as well.

Take the Protec CP116WL Student Snare Bag with Wheels for example. Equipped with built-in rollers and an extendable handle, it allows your snare to be pulled easily behind you along sidewalks and hallways, or even through busy airports if you're going a really long distance. Prefer to wear your drum on your back? In that case, check out the Gator GP-SNR-KIT-BAG Rolling Backpack Bag for Snare Drum. Both of these cases are soft-shelled gig bags, which keeps their weight down so they're a cinch to take anywhere.

If you're looking for the maximum degree of protection you can get your hands on, it may be worth considering a rigid case instead. For instance, there's the Black Swamp Percussion Hard Travel Case for Temple Blocks; it's a great choice for keeping those blocks secure even in the most demanding conditions. To pack a snare with the same kind of protection, the XL Specialty Percussion XL Specialty PC105/EB Student has you covered, along with an extra compartment to hold your stand, sticks and other hardware.

Percussion instruments may be designed to be beaten up, but that should only be while you're playing them! When they're in transit, it's important to treat your drums with the careful handling they deserve, and that starts with concert drum cases and gig bags. Built to make your percussion easier to transport and more resilient along the way, the accessories in this section are definitely worth a look if you want to be able to take your drums from place to place with peace of mind.