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In the world of drums and percussion instruments, there are certain names that need no introduction, and Paiste is definitely one of them. Founded in 1945, Paiste's influence on modern music can not only be found on stages and recording studios all over the globe, but concert halls and orchestra pits as well. In fact, this section is dedicated to Paiste's wide variety of concert percussion cymbals, accessories, and hardware; and if you haven't noticed by now, their catalog is certainly an impressive one.

From gongs and gong stands to mallets and cymbal pads, Paiste's dedication to concert percussionists is obvious in the high level of craftsmanship they put into everything they design. For an excellent example, just look at the Symphonic Gong. One of their most popular concert percussion choices, this 32" gong contains balanced proportions of different gong characteristics that come to life through various mallets and striking points. Incredibly responsive and boasting massive volume, the Symphonic Gong has a sound and look that's unlike any other percussion instrument, and overall it would make a great addition to any percussionist's setup.

Speaking of popular cymbals, be sure to check out the PST 5 Band Cymbal Pair as well. Well-rounded and featuring a clean mix of overtones, these cymbals have a warm brilliance and sparkle that makes them ideal for school bands. Indoors or outdoors, you can bet that the top-selling PST 5 Band Cymbal Pair will demand the attention of everyone in the best way possible.

When you're performing in front of a large crowd, you want to be confident that the skills you've worked hard on honing are perfectly reflected in the sound you're producing. Thankfully, you can have peace of mind knowing that when you're performing on stage with concert percussion tools from Paiste, your strongest musical traits will be recognized by everyone in attendance.