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The crisp sound quality of a condenser mic makes them ideal for any professional recording set up. More sensitive and responsive than a dynamic microphone, condenser microphones have the capability to record harmonics that are even beyond the range of what a human can hear. No studio should be without a condenser microphone, and for superior craftsmanship and expert sound quality, you'll have no problem capturing breathtaking studio performances when you're equipped with Nady condenser microphones.

For over 35 years and counting, Nady's reputation for pro audio equipment is continuously growing, thanks in part to their wide use amongst the globes top engineers and performing acts. In fact, big names like Madonna, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen and the Rolling Stones have all looked to Nady for world-class sound quality, and when it comes to Nady condenser microphones, they are consistently rated as a number 1 choice by many broadcasting and public speaking applications.

Condenser microphones are quintessential for recording vocals and acoustic instruments, and Nady condenser microphones cover a massive range of applications. For an affordable studio condenser that's both compact and versatile, the Nady SCM 960 studio condenser microphone is designed with an internal shock mount construction and a gold-sputtered diaphragm. Overall, it's highly recommended for recording both vocals and drums. Another great choice is the Nady CM-60 Standard XLR Clip-On black condenser microphone. Durable and easy to use, this clip-on microphone is perfect for all types of drums and percussion instruments, as well as brass and woodwind instruments that produce high sound fields.

In this digital world, recording has never been so affordable and easy. Yet, through all the leaps and bounds that modern technology has made, condenser microphones are still a go-to choice amongst audio experts. For recording acoustic instruments and vocals, nothing tops a high-quality condenser microphone, and the distinct characteristics offered in a Nady condenser microphone is one of many reasons why they remain a preferred choice amongst industry professionals.