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  1. 48-Month Financing*
    ddrum Hybrid Player 5-Piece Acoustic-Electric Shell Pack
    Product Price $699.00
    Or $15/month^ with 48 month
    financing* Limited Time. Details
  2. New
    ddrum 50 Watt Electronic Drum Amplifier with Bluetooth
    Product Price $299.00
  3. 48-Month Financing*
    ddrum Hybrid Acoustic/Electric 6-piece Shell Pack
    Product Price $799.00
    Or $17/month^ with 48 month
    financing* Limited Time. Details
  4. ddrum Dominion Birch Snare Drum
    ddrum Dominion Birch Snare Drum
    Product Price $119.00
  5. Pre-Order
    ddrum Dominion Birch Snare Drum with Ash Veneer
    Product Price $229.00
  6. 48-Month Financing*
    ddrum Dominion Birch 5-piece Shell Pack with Ash Veneer
    Product Price $949.00
    Or $20/month^ with 48 month
    financing* Limited Time. Details
  7. Pre-Order
    ddrum Dominion Birch 6-piece Shell Pack with Ash Veneer
    Product Price $1,049.00
    Or $22/month^ with 48 month
    financing* Limited Time. Details
  8. Pre-Order
    ddrum Dominion Series Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack
    Product Price $599.00
    Or $13/month^ with 48 month
    financing* Limited Time. Details
    Open Box:
  9. Ddrum Acoustic Pro Trigger Set with Cables
    Product Price $299.00
  10. ddrum Trigger Transducer
    ddrum Trigger Transducer
    Product Price $6.99
  11. ddrum Chrome Elite Trigger Transducer
    Product Price $10.00
  12. Pre-Order
    ddrum RX Series Single Bass Drum Pedal
    Product Price $59.00
  13. Pre-Order
    ddrum Mercury Series Bass Drum Pedal
    Product Price $139.00
  14. ddrum Mercury Velvet-Top Throne
    ddrum Mercury Velvet-Top Throne
    Product Price $159.00
  15. ddrum RX Series Double Braced Hi-Hat Stand
    Product Price $69.00
  16. ddrum RX Series Hardware Pack
    ddrum RX Series Hardware Pack
    Product Price $259.00
    Open Box:
  17. Pre-Order
    ddrum Mercury 2-Legged Hi-Hat Stand
    Product Price $189.00
  18. ddrum RX Series Lightweight Throne
    Product Price $49.00
  19. Pre-Order
    ddrum RX Series Multi Adjustable Clamp
    Product Price $35.00
  20. Pre-Order
    ddrum Mercury 3-Legged Hi-Hat Stand
    Product Price $149.00
  21. ddrum RX Series Cymbal Stand Double Braced
    Product Price $49.00
  22. ddrum Mercury Flat Based Snare Stand
    Product Price $99.00
  23. ddrum RX Series Throne with Swivel Adjustment
    Product Price $59.00
  24. ddrum Mercury D-Bone Style Multi-Clamp
    Product Price $49.00
  25. ddrum RX Series Double Bass Drum Pedal
    Product Price $179.00
  26. ddrum RX Series Boom Cymbal Arm Attachment
    Product Price $49.00
  27. ddrum RX Series Boom Cymbal Stand
    ddrum RX Series Boom Cymbal Stand
    Product Price $59.00
  28. Pre-Order
    ddrum RX Series Pro Boom Stand
    ddrum RX Series Pro Boom Stand
    Product Price $89.00
  29. ddrum Mercury Flat Based 2-Tier Boom Stand
    Product Price $99.00
  30. ddrum RX Series Double-Sided Clamp
    Product Price $20.00
  31. ddrum Mercury Cymbal Boom Attachment
    Product Price $39.00
  32. Pre-Order
    ddrum Mercury Double Bass Drum Pedal
    Product Price $349.00
  33. ddrum Mercury Snare Stand
    ddrum Mercury Snare Stand
    Product Price $139.00
  34. ddrum Mercury Auxiliary Hi-Hat Attachment
    Product Price $49.00
  35. Pre-Order
    ddrum Mercury Cymbal Boom Arm
    ddrum Mercury Cymbal Boom Arm
    Product Price $69.00
  36. Pre-Order
    ddrum Mercury 3-Tier Boom Stand
    ddrum Mercury 3-Tier Boom Stand
    Product Price $119.00
  37. ddrum Pro Drum Key
    ddrum Pro Drum Key
    Product Price $4.50
  38. ddrum Mercury Hi-Hat-to-Bass-Drum Clamp
    Product Price $39.00
  39. Pre-Order
    ddrum Mercury Vinyl Top Saddle Throne
    Product Price $159.00
  40. ddrum RX Series Snare Drum Stand
    ddrum RX Series Snare Drum Stand
    Product Price $49.00
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About DDrum:

Through more than three decades of experience playing the percussion game, ddrum has definitely become one of the most sought-after names in the industry. They've made some amazing contributions to acoustic and electric drumming alike and they keep on doing so by releasing hit instruments one after another. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a rhythm beginner, you can trust ddrum to give you great results.

All that it takes to understand what ddrum kits can do in action is to check out some of the headlining artists who take them onstage regularly. That includes drummers like Vinnie Paul Abbott, Barry Kerch, Morgan Rose, Tommy Lee, Eric Singer and Frank Beard. And those are only a few examples of the percussion legends who pound on ddrum skins and pads in some of the biggest concerts around.

The question you're probably asking (and rightly so) is which ddrum kit would be the best one for you. There's no single correct answer, since it comes down to preference, but here are some suggestions to get you started. If you're a beginner, a good launching point would be the D120B 5-Piece Drum Set. When you're ready to go all-out, consider the Reflex Powerhouse 5-Piece Shell Pack or the Paladin Maple 5-Piece Shell Pack. And if it's an upgrade you're after, check out some individual drums like the Reflex Tattooed Lady Engraved Black Steel Snare.

Maybe you're more interested in an electronic set than an acoustic one? Not a bad decision - and ddrum can absolutely get you started. Even the most discerning drummers can't help but be impressed by the DD5X Electronic Drum Kit, which comes loaded with 696 percussion sounds and ten trigger inputs. You can even choke the cymbal pads, just like an acoustic set. You'll also find plenty of triggers in ddrum's selection, as well as amplifiers, making it easy to accessorize your electric set or turn an acoustic drum kit into an acoustic-electric one.

Drums are some of the most customizable instruments there are, so don't hesitate to mix and match your ddrum kits, take advantage of the power of electronic drums or even add something unique, like a set of ddrum deccabons, to your setup. What's most important is that your drums feel and sound just the way you want them to, and ddrum has the variety of percussion and accessories you need to make it happen.

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