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You could have the greatest DJ skills in the world. But in order to showcase those talents, your DJ equipment must be working smoothly at all times. Taking proper care of DJ gear is essential to your performance in the club, which is why Desksaver takes great pride in manufacturing ideal covers for the protection of your professional audio and DJ equipment. To get the most of your DJ gear, you need to make sure that it's sheltered and guarded from any possible damage. From cd/mp3 players to mixers and controllers, Decksaver provides a wide range of molded plastic covers for all your indispensable DJ equipment. By using the latest polycarbonate plastic technology, you can be sure that your DJ gear has more than enough protection when it’s covered by Decksaver.

One of Decksaver's top sellers is the Decksaver Dust Cover for Technics SL-1200 and 1210 turntables. Tailor-made specifically to fit the SL-1200 and 1210, these covers are made with the same material used to make bullet proof glass, ensuring that your equipment is protected in even the harshest modern club environments. Another popular choice is the Decksaver Cover for NI Kontrol x1. This rock-solid polycarbonate cover is engineered for the Native Instruments Kontrol x1 DJ controller, fitting securely around your equipment with a modern design, and ultimately giving you peace of mind.

As you're more than aware, audio equipment is a big investment, and it needs to be protected while not in use. For over 45 years, Decksaver has been preserving the life-span of equipment by using innovative techniques and designs. Tough, sleek, and versatile, Decksaver has one simple goal; to protect your valuable gear from adverse conditions, so you can be confident that your performance will run fluently. And it's for this reason that Decksaver continues to be trusted by expert DJ's worldwide.