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DJ Equipment seems to get more and more advanced by the day. As technology moves forward, so does the range of controllers, MIDI's, equalizers and more. Yet, through all of the leaps and bounds that digital technology makes, the turntable always manages to remain an essential component in almost every DJ ensemble. Turntable sampling and scratching is a great skill to have as a DJ, and Shure DJ Gear has a wide array of exceptional needles and cartridges to keep your vinyl constantly spinning. In order to stay in control of the dance floor, you need equipment that's long lasting and guaranteed to give you the best clarity possible. Rest assured, when you use Shure DJ gear, you're working with equipment that comes highly acclaimed and respected by DJ's across the country. 

One of Shure's best sellers is the WHLB WhiteLabel Party/Club DJ record needle. Designed specifically for the club environment, WhiteLabel fuses sonic characteristics like solid drop bass and accented highs with a high skip resistance and low record wear. Overall, it's a highly recommended choice for the modern turntable wizard. In the cartridge department, you can't go wrong with the Shure M44-7 Competition DJ Cartridge. Featuring extreme skip resistance, strong bass and an ultrahigh output, this cartridge is durable, loud, and ideal for today's hardworking DJ.

The art of turntablism takes technical skill, a knack for improvisation, and a remarkably good ear. But in order to showcase your mixing and scratching skills, you need high-quality equipment that's manufactured by experienced professionals. For over 80 years, Shure has built a reputation for offering crisp sound quality and impeccable performance in everything they construct and design. With Shure DJ gear, you'll have no problem displaying your talents to their highest degree, so you can keep the dance floor shaking every time you hit the stage.