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There's a simple fact that every DJ knows. You can have the best equipment, the biggest light show, and the most impressive stage set up, but if don't have the beats, you don't have much. That's where Thud Rumble DJ Gear comes into play. Established in 1996, Thud Rumble was created to expand the presence of DJ scratch culture around the world. Nearly 20 years and countless awards later, Thud Rumble is a true ambassador for the DJ world, rolling and scratching to new heights every day. In this section you will find a number of amazing beats and samples to take full advantage of on your turntable. With a wide variety of wax that spans spinning style and genre, these Thud Rumble records are absolute essentials for any battling DJ.

So which records are right for you? Well, that comes down to personal preference, but because they are so affordable, it may be wise to stock up, so you'll always have the perfect beat on hand for any occasion. If you're not sure where to begin looking, you're best bet may be to check out our top sellers. For example, an option such as the All-Star Dirtystyle Battle Rebels Vinyl may be just what you're looking for. This is the perfect record to bring into battle, with serious block rockin' beats from the Unknown Dirtstyler, sound effects from Butchwax, and a special guest spot from Darth Fader, this record is a collaboration that you should always have in your vinyl crate.

Another great pick is the Rare Limited Edition Hard to Find Dirtystyle Record. This is a true insider's pick, with only a limited number available. Full of exclusive samples and beats, when you drop the needle on this record, jaws around the club are going to drop with it. This record is so rare that you may want to invest in two, so you have one to scratch with, and one to frame and make the competition jealous.

And these are only two examples of the amazing Thud Rumble records we have here. From battle breaks to skipless tracks, Thud Rumble has DJs covered with records that build the foundation of their style. From the street to the stage, no self-respecting DJ is going to be without Thud Rumble gear.