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As a drummer, you know how much more complex your microphone setup needs to be to get a good recorded or amplified live sound from your kit than from your bandmates' guitar, bass or vocals. With such a large instrument, capturing the beat requires not just one but multiple microphones for your snares, toms, bass drum and cymbals. Sennheiser can help. With its selection of individual and packs of drum microphones, Sennheiser is sure to have the right hardware to ensure your performance gets heard.

Sennheiser's selection of specialized drum microphones is sure to contain just the right tools for any job. An excellent option for kick and bottom miking is the Sennheiser e602 II Cardioid Instrument Microphone. The durable yet lightweight aluminum body is great for boom arm positioning, while the frequency-interdependent directive provides isolation from other signals. The excellent low-frequency response also means you can use this mic for other instruments, like tubas, bass guitars and more.

If you're looking to mic all your toms, the Sennheiser e 604 Drum Microphone 3-Pack is a great deal. These mics handle high SPLs and have a clear, balanced, low-distortion signal, so this set of 3 is ideal for both onstage and studio use. Meanwhile, the fiberglass bodies are exceptionally rugged, so they can handle accidental hits and road wear with ease.

The Sennheiser MD421 II Microphone, however, is the best option if you're looking for unparalleled sound. With its 5-position bass control, amazing feedback rejection, and highly directional cardioid pickup pattern, this mic captures drum tones like none other. It's used in numerous major studios worldwide for the finest recording and broadcasting applications.

For 7 decades, Sennheiser has been designing and manufacturing mics and other audio equipment, meaning they know the business of capturing sound. So whether you're recording your first track or amplifying your drums for an arena of screaming fans, Sennheiser drum microphones are a solid choice to make sure you get the best, most reliable sound out of your setup.