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It's safe to say that your drum kit is only as good as the hardware you use with it. Axis drums & percussion understands this perhaps better than anyone, which is why they develop gear that helps drummers sound their best. Respected around the world, Axis helps bring your playing to the next level.  Axis specializes in precision foot pedals for serious drummers. Their hardware is handmade from aircraft grade aluminum and steel in their factory in Carson, California. By being dedicated to the absolute highest levels of excellence and craftsmanship, Axis has established itself as the number one manufacturer of percussion hardware, and one you definitely need to check out.

So which Axis gear is right for you? Well, that comes down to your need and preference. If you're looking for a simple pedal for your kit, check out the AX-X Single Bass Drum Pedal. This strong and durable pedal is built with the gigging musician in mind. If features a wide foot board along with an improved heel design and direct pull linkage. Perfect for life on the road, this pedal will help you keep a precision beat every night of the tour.

If you're more in the market for a serious double kick, check out the Longboard X Double Bass Drum Pedal. This highly expressive pedal extends the usable footboard area by 2". By doing this, the pedal offers incredible leverage that will have you powering through all your favorite runs like never before.

But Axis isn't just about drum pedals, they also offer options like the L-HH Longboard Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand, which is ideal for those looking for a stand to make heel splashes absolutely effortless. Maybe you're not even looking for a pedal, but rather a bag to carry your pedal in to and from the gig; if that's the case check out the Canvas Double Bass Drum Pedal Bag. To be honest, regardless of the type of gear you're looking for, if it says Axis on it, it's going to be of absolutely unbeatable quality.