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25 years ago, while playing along to the newly released Rush LP "Moving Pictures", Lucas Jacobson became agitated with his inability to play specific fills on the album. He soon realized that the problem was not with his skill level, but with the pedal itself. From there, he set out to improve on its mechanics, and 6 years later Eccentric Systems Design was born. From that single bass pedal, Lucas Jacobson became devoted to making pedals smoother and easier to use, as well as providing musicians with the highest quality drum and percussion accessories.  From chrome hoops and flatheads to signature products like the Quick Torque cam and the Shonga, Eccentric Systems Design is continuously inventing new and better solutions for players while simultaneously improving the operation of existing drum accessories. All around the globe, drummers can be found using Eccentric Systems revolutionary designs.
One of the most well-known innovations concocted by Eccentric Systems Design is the Quick Torque Cam. With various models available for standard round bass drums, DW Pedals, as well as left foot players, this high-performance device reduces the pressure required to push a pedal down, while multiplying the return force generated by the return spring. In fact, Eccentric Systems Design Quick Torque Cam returns the beater 30% quicker with less spring tension, which in turn, provides more impact. Simply put, Quick Torque cams will greatly improve your performance on most bass pedals from any of the major brands.

Another popular item in the Eccentric Systems Design catalog is the Shonga Guiro. Designed to be both tunable and melodic, this American-made shonga was turned from solid hardwoods with die cast chrome hardware and a goatskin head. While other shakers rattle at a single pitch, Shongas add the ability to move the sound in pitched notes, adding more dynamic range to the instrument. So, thanks to Eccentric Systems Design, a guiro can now be played melodically for the first time in history.

In the world of drums and percussion, the greatest innovators are musicians, just like you. They're people who simply weren't satisfied with the gear they were using, and decided to make it better. At 8 years old, that's exactly what Lucas Jacobson did. And today, you can have peace of mind knowing that the professional crafters at Eccentric Systems Design have the skills and expertise to ensure everything they create is reliable, built to last, and remains high in quality throughout its lifespan.

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