Shadow Stompin'Bass Percussive Bass Drum Instrument

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Great for solo musicians seeking bass drum like accompaniment.

The pedal-like Stompin'Bass adds percussive bass drum to your sound. With Shadow Electronics' active NanoMAG pickup, the Shadow Stompin'Bass is perfect for musicians who like to create a natural rhythm to accompany acoustic performance without drums. Made out of chosen rosewood, which is often used for high-class bass guitars, the Stompin'Bass works as a fantastic bass or bass drum accompaniment to your acoustic band.

Its slanted top, with special anti-slip material, gives a player comfort and easy use with the foot, while the NanoMAG pickup supplies a full, deep and warm bass sound. A completely shielded case and low impedance output protect it from outside magnetic disturbances and makes it totally hum-free. Depending on your equipment, the material of your shoes and how hard you stomp will produce different sounds. A single 9V battery powers the Shadow Stompin'Bass.

A removable extension is included so that your foot is in a more comfortable position for playing long periods. The extension is attached via industrial Velcro so it can be removed easily if it is not desired for playing.

The Stompin'Bass percussive bass drum has a standard output jack which can be plugged straight into any PA or EQ, pedal, guitar amplifier you like, to produce the tone and volume which best suits your style.


  • Provides full, deep and warm bass sound
  • Played by tapping with foot
  • Made out of chosen rosewood
  • Special anti-slip material on bottom
  • NanoMAG pickup
  • Completely shielded case
  • Low impedance output
  • Totally hum-free
  • Uses a 9V battery