Spaun 20th Anniversary African Mahogany Drum Kit

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Celebrate 20 years of expert Spaun drum making.

Here's your chance to own a beautifully crafted, super unique drum kit that looks and sounds amazing. Spaun's 100% mahogany shell produces a very low, rich, fundamental note. Vibrant and resonant with lots of harmonics and slightly reduced highs. This is a very different shell from mahogany/poplar or mahogany/maple hybrids with only a couple plies of mahogany in the shell. With Spaun's 100% African mahogany shell, you really get the full voice of mahogany unencumbered by other wood types.

The shell pack consists of 10 x 8 in. and 12 x 9 in. rack toms, 14 x 14 in. and 16 x 14 in. floor toms, and 22 x 18 kick drum. The beautiful Exotic Ebony Ivory face is finished in a classy satin lacquer finish with chrome hardware. Features our SBR Solid Brass Resonator lugs, Double 45 degree edges and SSS Mounts on rack toms.


  • 100% mahogany shell
  • Chrome hardware
  • SBR Solid Brass Resonator lugs
  • Double 45 degree bearing edges
  • SSS Mounts on rack toms

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