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Drums & Percussion

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  1. Mapex Steel Piccolo Snare Drum
    Mapex Steel Piccolo Snare Drum
    Product Price $69.99
  2. 36 Month Financing*
    Ludwig Element Evolution 5-Piece Drum Set
    Product Price $749.00
  3. 36 Month Financing*
    Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum Set
    Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum Set
    Product Price $1,499.99
  4. Zildjian A Custom Splash Cymbal
    Zildjian A Custom Splash Cymbal
    Product Price $99.95
  5. 16% In Rewards
    Sound Percussion Labs Kicker Pro - 5-Piece Drum Set with Stands, Cymbals and Throne
    Product Price $299.99
  6. Meinl Super Cymbal Set with a Free 16 in. Crash
    Product Price $299.99
  7. PDP by DW Limited Edition Dark Stain Maple and Walnut Snare with Walnut Hoops and Chrome Hardware
    Product Price $299.99
  8. Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Tom
    Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Tom
    Product Price $89.99
  9. LP City Series Black Box Cajon
    LP City Series Black Box Cajon
    Product Price $89.99
  10. Zildjian LV468 Low Volume Cymbal Set with Remo Silent Stroke Heads
    Product Price $349.95
  11. LMI Transparent Tambourine with Head
    LMI Transparent Tambourine with Head
    Product Price $3.99
  12. Sabian AAX X-plosion Crash Cymbal
    Sabian AAX X-plosion Crash Cymbal
    Product Price $175.00
  13. Ddrum D120B 5-Piece Drum Set
    Ddrum D120B 5-Piece Drum Set
    Product Price $360.00
  14. 36 Month Financing*
    LP Pedrito Martinez Signature Top Tuning Deep Cut Mango Conga
    Product Price $579.99
    Open Box From:
  15. Meinl Headliner Series Cajon
    Meinl Headliner Series Cajon
    Product Price $99.99
  16. Zildjian FX Stack Cymbal Pair with Cymbolt Mount
    Product Price $99.95
  17. Zildjian Oriental China 'Trash' Cymbal
    Zildjian Oriental China 'Trash' Cymbal
    Product Price $179.95
  18. 36 Month Financing*
    Pearl Decade Maple 5-Piece Shell Pack
    Pearl Decade Maple 5-Piece Shell Pack
    Product Price $749.00
  19. Zildjian S Family Performer Cymbal Set
    Zildjian S Family Performer Cymbal Set
    Product Price $469.95
  20. PDP by DW Z5 5-Piece Shell Pack
    PDP by DW Z5 5-Piece Shell Pack
    Product Price $249.99
    Open Box:
  21. Meinl HCS Crash Cymbal
    Meinl HCS Crash Cymbal
    Product Price $39.99
  22. Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride Cymbal
    Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride Cymbal
    Product Price $384.95
  23. 36 Month Financing*
    TAMA Superstar Classic Custom 5-Piece Shell Pack
    Product Price $799.99
  24. KAT Percussion Electronic Drum and Percussion Pad Sound Module
    Product Price $119.00
  25. RhythmTech True Colors Tambourine
    RhythmTech True Colors Tambourine
    Product Price $13.99
  26. 36 Month Financing*
    DW Collector's Series Limited Edition Pure Tasmanian Timber Snare Drum, 14x6.5"
    Product Price $1,199.00
  27. Zildjian A Custom Medium Crash
    Zildjian A Custom Medium Crash
    Product Price $244.95
  28. Price Drop
    Pearl Roadshow 4-Piece Jazz Drum Set
    Pearl Roadshow 4-Piece Jazz Drum Set
    Product Price $349.99
  29. 36 Month Financing*
    Roland HandSonic HPD-20 Digital Hand Percussion Controller
    Product Price $959.99
  30. Remo Radiant Series Tambourine
    Remo Radiant Series Tambourine
    Product Price $25.95
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About Drums

Drums and percussion are likely the second oldest musical instruments, beaten only by the voice itself. Percussion instruments produce sound by being struck, shaken, scraped or rubbed. Drums are just one member of the percussion family. They refer specifically to instruments with head or skin stretched over a shell. The technical term for the drum head is a membrane, making the drum a membranophone.

When you think about drums and percussion, your first thought might go to a drum set with a snare drum, rack toms, floor toms, bass drum, cymbals and cymbal stands. Perhaps you're a hand percussionist and drums to you are bongos, congas, timbales, cajons or even djembes. This just goes to show the wide variety of instruments within the drum and percussion category, and with such a long, rich history it’s easy to see why there are so many variations and types of drum in world.

Drum History

Drums and percussion instruments are the oldest musical instruments in history and haven’t changed much in the course of a few thousand years. One of the oldest discovered drums was made with an alligator skin and dates back to as early as 5500 B.C. Every culture on every continent used drums in some form, whether it was for musical purposes, communication with distant neighbors or relaying commands on the battle field. We've all seen the paintings of the Revolutionary War drummers marching on the front lines, or the ancient hortator keeping time on the Viking longship. However, as technology evolved, so did the drum.

Drum Construction

The basic principal of every drum is the same: a round cylinder with a drum head—or a drum skin— that you strike with your hand or a drum stick or mallet. The head is held down by a hoop or a rim, and tension rods or rope thread into a lug. The distinction made between drums and hand drums is somewhat obvious. Any drum you play using your hands is a hand drum or hand percussion. Acoustic drum heads vary widely depending on the type of drum they're on. A typical drum set drum uses a drum head made of mylar on the top and bottom of the drum, while hand drums often only have a calfskin head on top. To tune the drum up or down, you tighten or loosen the drum head.

The drum shells are constructed from a myriad of materials including wood, metal and plastic, and the different wood species or metals can produce special sounds. Many companies such as DW, TAMA and Yamaha create hybrid drum shells which utilize different tone woods or metal and wood to achieve a unique sound. Wood drum shells are constructed in several ways but the two most common ways are multi-ply construction or stave construction. Multi-ply drum shells are constructed using anywhere from three to 20 thin pieces of wood that are glued and pressed together. Stave drum shells are built using one piece of wood that is typically steam bent into its cylindrical shape.

Electronic Drums

Electronic drums originally started out as simple metronome machines and evolved in the early 1970s into something closer to what they are today. Companies such Roland, Yamaha and Simmons produced the first electronic drum sets. They became popular and commercially successful in the early 1980s as technology and samples became better and more advanced. Electronic drum kits or e-kits have a very similar design to acoustic drum sets. There's a snare, toms, bass drum, cymbals and you play it using drum sticks. However, electronic drums utilize rubber or mesh heads and the cymbals are rubberized pads. The biggest advantage to electronic drums is the amount of drum and percussion sounds you can program, as well as the built-in, complete drum sets.

Drum Set Cymbals

A typical drum set or percussion setup utilizes cymbals. A drum set includes a pair of hi-hats, a crash cymbal or two, and a ride cymbal. However, experimenting with different cymbal sounds has become very popular and many drummers often have effects—or FX—cymbals in their setup, including china cymbals, splash cymbals and cymbal stacks. Most cymbals are made from bronze alloy and are either machine or manually hammered into their final form.

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