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As a musician, there's nothing to gain from limiting yourself. In fact, by simply learning an instrument, you've already proven that you have the drive, talent, and ambition to reach new levels of potential. So, it only makes sense to equip your setup with an additional piece of gear that can manipulate the sound of your instrument, and allow you to further expand your musical horizons. This is where effects come in handy, and when it comes to effects pedals that are ruggedly built to give you many years of musical fulfillment, Markbass effects are continually used and trusted by players from around the world.

Founded in 2001, Markbass offers an extensive selection of pedals pertaining to all tastes and styles. Whether you're looking for guitar distortion, bass distortion, overdrive, or even a compressor pedal, you can be sure that Markbass has what you're looking for.

A top rated item in the Markbass effects catalog is the MB Mini Series Dist Compact Bass distortion effects pedal. Made to the same high quality level as their standard effects line, this mini pedal packs a massive load of distortion for its size, and it can easily fit onto even the most crowded pedal boards. Another great option is the Markbass Compressore Tube Bass compressor pedal. This state-of-the-art compression tool contains all the individual tools found normally on professional studio outboard compressors, and it works extremely well for both basses and guitars in live or studio applications.

By letting yourself explore other musical genres, there's no telling what kinds of unique sounds you might discover... and when you include effects pedals into your equipment setup, it can only inspire you further as a musician. They're easy to use and highly enjoyable for everyone from stay at home hobbyists to professional session performers. With effects pedals from Markbass, the sky truly is the limit.