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The Egnater Tweaker series of guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets were created to offer the guitarist lots of tonal flexibility in small, ultra-affordable, and paradoxically, very easy to use packages. The original model in the series, the Tweaker, is an all-tube 15W single channel amplifier with an impressive array of character-changing "Tweaker" switches. The user can select between a softer vintage, or more hard edged and modern power tube response, USA, "AC" and British type tones for the 3 band EQ section, and normal ("Clean") or high-gain ("Hot") preamp gain. The Bright / Normal switch tailors the high frequency response to the user's preference, while the Tight / Deep switch offers the player a choice between a fuller, smoother low end, or a tighter, more aggressive sound. There's also an effects loop, to allow the user to patch in outboard effects such as reverb, chorus and delay pedals. While many small tube combo / practice amps and "lunchbox" sized heads utilize EL84 power tubes, Egnater instead opted for a pair of 6V6 power tubes for the Tweaker head and Tweaker 15W 1X12 combo amplifiers.
Not to be limited to a single wattage class, the Tweaker range also includes 40W versions. Available as both a head and as a combo, these larger Tweaker 40 amplifiers use 6L6 output tubes, along with the three 12AX7 preamp tubes. These are two-channel amps, and the guitarist can footswitch between channels. Each channel has separate Tweaker switches as well as separate gain and volume controls. Even the buffered effects loop can be switched on or off from the included remote footswitch. If 40 watts isn't enough, then look into the Tweaker 88. Taking the the Tweaker concept to the extreme, two KT88 power tubes are coupled with a set of four 12AX7 preamp tubes crank out 88 watts. It has 13 Tweaker switches for lots of tonal options, as well as a clean, or clean plus gain dual boost mode for each channel.
Egnater also makes speaker cabinet models in the Tweaker range designed to compliment their amps; either as the primary speaker for a head, or an extension speaker for the combo amps. The 112x extension cabinet comes loaded with a Celestion G12H-30 12" speaker and is rated for 30W RMS, while the larger Tweaker 212x extension cabinet features custom voiced Celestion Elite GH-50 speakers and can handle up to 100W RMS. Both cabinets use a partially open back design. The visual theme of all the Tweaker series heads and cabinets features classic black Tolex accented by a contrasting wheat-colored grille material and the large white Egnater logo. The cabinetry is high grade, with only void-free birch plywood being used -- no particle board or pressboard.
Due to their tonal flexibility, both the 15W Tweaker head and Tweaker 112 combo are excellent choices for studio recording, while still offering enough oomph to keep up with a band, or to do gigs in smaller venues. Need more? Select one of the higher-powered models, such as the Tweaker 40 or 88. The Tweaker series is all about options -- not only in terms of power, but also giving the guitarist a choice of combo amp or "half-stack" configurations, and of course, lots of tonal possibilities -- at very attractive prices.