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About Egnater:

Sometimes, all that it takes to start a design revolution is one person with a stubborn commitment to shake things up. That's exactly what happened when Bruce Egnater began building guitar amplifiers in 1975. He loved the sound of classic rock so much, and he was so frustrated by the off-the-shelf amps of the era, that he went to engineering school to learn how to build amplifiers that could deliver the sound he was so passionate about. The result? He did it. Egnater's amp designs became instant classics, taking the stage with musicians like Richard Fortus, Randy Scott, Keith Kane and Bruce Kulick.

Working out of his iconic Detroit shop, the Amp Lounge, Bruce Egnater produced an impressive list of firsts in guitar amplifiers. For instance, he broke new ground with the introduction of master volume control, multi-channel and high-gain tube amps. One of Egnater's most interesting innovations, though, has to be his modular design, which allows an amp to have a swappable preamp section, making customization and maintenance faster and easier.

Even now, decades later, every Egnater amp is designed personally by Bruce. That gives them all a certain shared character, but don't mistake that for a lack of variety. Quite the opposite, in fact - the range of Egnater amps offers plenty of choices for any genre. What they have in common is that you'll usually know an Egnater when you hear it! Are you a metalhead? Take a look at the 120W Armageddon Tube Guitar Amp Head. Blues or soft rock? Try a Renegade on for size. And, speaking of size, if you're looking for an easily portable setup perfect for travel, you've got to check out the compact Rebel heads and combo amps.

Once you have an Egnater amp in your collection, all that's left is to connect it to a great set of pedals for absolute control over every aspect of your tone. Egnater can help you out here, too, with the Black Metal, Goldsmith and Silversmith Effects Pedals. These pure analog stompboxes have a ton of customizability, giving you a buffet of ways to refine your sound.

If you want to own one of the amps that set the standard for turn-of-the-century amplifier design, you're looking in the right place. Bruce Egnater is a total champion of the amp, and when you play through one of his creations, you'll have the sound you need for pulling off amazing gigs every time.