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With a proud, storied history, Washburn is a name known around the world for quality, innovation and outstanding guitars. The inventors of the first dreadnought-shaped guitar, Washburn has gone on to create some of the most recognized and played electric guitars in the musical scene today. With classic shapes and exceptional sound, Washburn can give you exactly what you're looking for in an electric guitar.  Whether you're looking to upgrade your older Washburn or want to change the way you play altogether, you'll find it in this section. Are you in need of something that can keep up with your rockin' pace? Check out the RX series. Featuring an asymmetrical double cutaway design, high quality materials and advanced electronics, these guitars can really pump out the jams. Instantly recognizable, these guitars were made for the true performer.

Are you more of a blues player? Then the hollowbody series will give you the emotional tone you desire. Lightweight and offering incredible sustain, these electric guitars feature a double cutaway design and were made to reduce feedback, promising a clean, expressive sound.

Is jazz more your style? Then take a look at the J600 or J3 line of guitars. With a vintage appearance, a classic sound, and distinctive Washburn details, these hollowbody, semi-acoustic guitars bring back the feel of a soul-filled jazz club. Handsomely crafted to look as good as they sound, Washburn electric jazz guitars effortlessly blend the classic and contemporary.

If you want the look of Paul Stanley from KISS or the sound of Warren Haynes from The Allman Brothers, only a Washburn electric guitar can accommodate. Used by professionals in a variety of genres, and even made into signature models unique to specific artists, these electric guitars have helped shape the world of music. Expertly designed, Washburn guitars are unlike any other.