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Individually, Gibson's ES series and Les Paul lineup have each played important roles in shaping the progress of music through the twentieth century. So what's better than two of the world's most renowned electric guitar families? How about combining them together! That's what ES-Les Paul Guitars have done, and the results are worth drooling over. Taking the best elements of ES and Les Paul design and marrying them into one, these guitars offer the Les Paul body shape in a super lightweight semi-hollow package, with PAF-style humbuckers and a classic Les Paul pickguard. If you want vintage Gibson aesthetics infused with unmistakable Les Paul tone, then look no further.

The easiest path to getting your hands on one of these instruments is via the Gibson ES-Les Paul Studio Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar. Unlike the others, it's not a private reserve model - but it's still the same guitar, bearing all the hallmarks of Gibson Memphis craftsmanship and expertise. Its '57 pickups, rounded C neck profile, Klusion tuners and ABR-1 bridge all speak to a perfect blend of the classic ES-335 and Les Paul. Of course, if you're looking for something more exclusive, you can get that from one of the limited-run models like the Gibson ES-Les Paul Custom Limited Edition Black Beauty 3-Pickup VOS Electric Guitar Ebony, which adds a third historic-spec pickup to up the ante even more.

Times change, but great music will always be great music, and ES-Les Paul guitars are perfectly qualified to handle modern musical styles as well as the old-school rock they helped to pioneer in the first place. There have always been ES fans and Les Paul fans, but for each one of those, there's a guitarist who found themselves torn between the two. If that sounds like your crowd, the good news is you don't have to choose one or the other: just play an ES-Les Paul model, and you'll have the perfect fusion of Gibson's best-loved pair of instruments.