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Fender Telecaster Guitars

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  1. Private Reserve
    Fender Custom Shop Artist Series Merle Haggard Signature Telecaster Electric Guitar
  2. Top Rated
    Fender Classic Series '72 Telecaster Thinline Electric Guitar
    Open Box From:
  3. Best Seller
    Fender American Professional Telecaster Deluxe Rosewood Neck Limited Edition Electric Guitar
  4. Top Rated
    Fender Classic Series '72 Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar
  5. Top Rated
    Fender Special Edition Standard Telecaster HH Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar
    Open Box:
  6. Top Rated
    Fender Telecaster Richie Kotzen Solid Body Electric Guitar
  7. Top Rated
    Fender Deluxe Thinline Telecaster Maple Fingerboard
  8. Best Seller
    Fender Special Edition Deluxe Ash Telecaster Maple Fingerboard
  9. Top Rated
    Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Special Electric Guitar
  10. Top Rated
    Fender Classic Series '72 Telecaster Deluxe Electric Guitar
  11. Top Rated
    Squier Vintage Modified 72 Telecaster Thinline Maple Neck Electric Guitar
    Open Box:
  12. Sale
    Fender Classic '69 Blue Flower Telecaster Maple Fingerboard
    $799.99 Was:  $999.99 On Sale Now!
  13. Fender Player Telecaster Pau Ferro Fingerboard Electric Guitar
    Open Box:
  14. Best Seller
    Fender Classic Player Baja '60s Telecaster Pau Ferro Fingerboard
  15. Top Rated
    Fender Modern Player Telecaster Thinline Deluxe Electric Guitar
  16. New
    Fender American Performer Telecaster HS Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Guitar
  17. New
    Fender American Performer Telecaster Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar
    Open Box:
  18. Top Rated
    Squier Contemporary Telecaster HH Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar
  19. Top Rated
    Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster Electric Guitar
  20. Fender Player Telecaster Maple Fingerboard Left-Handed Electric Guitar
  21. Top Rated
    Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar
  22. Fender American Professional Telecaster Left-Handed Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar
    Starting at $1,449.99
  23. New
    Fender American Performer Telecaster Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Guitar
  24. Fender Player Telecaster HH Pau Ferro Fingerboard Electric Guitar
    Open Box:
  25. Top Rated
    Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Thinline Electric Guitar
  26. Fender Parallel Universe Jazz Telecaster Electric Guitar
  27. Top Rated
    Fender American Professional Telecaster Deluxe Shawbucker Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar
    Starting at $1,449.99
    Open Box From:
  28. Private Reserve
    Fender Custom Shop 1952 Telecaster Journeyman Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar
  29. Top Rated
    Fender Brad Paisley Road Worn Telecaster Electric Guitar
    Open Box From:
  30. Squier Affinity Telecaster Electric Guitar
    Open Box:
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Read the Fender Telecaster Buying Guide on The Hub at Musician's Friend

About Fender Telecaster Guitars

The Fender Telecaster electric guitar is one of the great icons in music. Also known as the Fender Tele, it is one of the most widely played guitars in history. The Fender Tele’s single-cutaway body shape is also one of the most copied electric guitar designs.

Leo Fender built the first Tele in 1948. At the time, Fender owned a radio repair shop in Fullerton, California. Many versions of the guitar exist. Still, Fender never strayed far from the original Telecaster. Its purity and elegance is almost unchanged.

The earliest version of the Fender Tele was the single-pickup Esquire, released in 1950. A two-pickup version, christened the Broadcaster, replaced the Esquire several months later. The Fender Broadcaster name quickly drew a trademark complaint from Gretsch.

At the time, Gretsch marketed a line of drums under the name Broadkaster. Experts estimate that roughly 500 Nocaster guitars were produced. Fender trademarked Nocaster for use with replicas of the originals.

The Fender Telecaster’s release changed the course of modern music. It continues to be a best seller to this day. New Fender Telecaster electric guitars use the same basic design. You’ll find several variations on its basic theme here at Musician’s Friend. Those include Fender Tele’s with single coil pickups, humbucking pickups, and combinations of the two.

Made in Mexico Fender Telecaster models are the most budget friendly. Also called MIM Teles, this list includes the Fender Player Series Telecaster. The Fender Player Tele replaced the Fender Standard Tele in 2018.

Hardworking musicians often put their trust in American-made Fender Teles. The workhorse American Professional Telecasters offer the best of Fender’s production techniques. Fender American Elite Teles have the same USA build quality with some upgraded parts. Musician’s Friend also carries many limited edition and Fender Custom Shop Teles.

Recently Fender released several new takes on the Tele. These range from an offset, double-cutaway version to the limited-edition Parallel Universe series. The latter guitars offer some cool Tele twists.

The Parallel Universe Jazz Tele has a pair of Jazzmaster style pickups. It also has the unique floating, locking tremolo Fender designed in the late '50s. However far out they may get, they are still Tele to the core. To any Telecaster player, they feel at home.

There's a Fender Tele to match your needs, whether you prefer a vintage-style bridge and tuners or more modern ones. Fender Tele pickup choices range from traditional single-coils to modern higher output and noiseless versions. There are also three-pickup Teles for expanded tonality.

One of the most popular Telecasters Fender developed is the Thinline Tele. It debuted in 1969. Fender Thinline Teles have a semi-hollow body. They come with a wide range of pickup variations. Current Thinline models are available with dual single-coils, hybrid single/humbucker or dual humbuckers. The Fender Thinline Telecaster brings a warmer, woodier tone to the world of twang-friendly guitars.

Fender Telecaster Deluxe guitars debuted in 1972, aimed at the heavy, hard rock of the era. They come with humbucking pickups designed by humbucker inventor Seth Lover. The Fender Tele Deluxe’s electronics layout resembles other popular dual-humbucker guitars.

Of course, there are lefty versions of most Fender Teles available. Plus, be sure to check out our selection of Fender Artist Series Telecaster guitars. Fender Artist Teles serve some of the greatest guitarists ever.

The Fender Tele is the ideal guitar for players who pursue both technical and musical excellence. It has a unique voice and personality that complements the player. At the same time, it pushes them to new heights.

For everything from chicken-picking twang to warm jazz tones, the Fender Telecaster is one of the most versatile guitars you can own. It is at home in nearly every genre of music. Find the perfect Fender Tele today with Musician’s Friend.

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