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Once you’ve decided to take your acoustic practice to the next level, finding an amp to make your guitar sound as organic as possible is the main goal. When you finally find an acoustic guitar that has everything you’re looking for, you won’t want your amp to interrupt this natural tone. Fishman’s Loudbox amps are built to provide you with a crisp and clear response like the one you’d hear if you weren’t plugged in at all. Fishman has long been the pioneers of making acoustic instruments sound great. This attention to detail has made their Loudbox series of amps an ideal option for anyone looking for impressive acoustic amplification. With their focus squarely on making your guitar sound great, Fishman has come up with very precise technology to cater to the unique challenges of this type of amplification.

If you’re playing a lot of gigs or working in the studio with your band a powerful amp like the Loudbox Performer 180W Combo Amp is a great option. With a bi-amplified tone, anti-feedback controls and a dedicated midrange, this powerful amp is perfect for bringing out your acoustic’s natural definition and warm richness. If you don’t need as much power there are also 120W and 60W options that can suit your needs. This kind of accuracy ensures your guitar tone is not impacted by the amp itself.

For smaller events or at-home practice there is the Fishman Loudbox Mini. This small amp still packs a punch with 60W of power and has all the features that give you the warm acoustic tone you want, while the lightweight design makes it really easy to take to practice or gigs.

Loudbox amps and your acoustic guitar go together perfectly. The customized design makes them an easy choice for acoustic artists looking to take their show on the road or simply  get a feel for what it’s like to play live.