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  1. Yamaha YFH-631G Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Yamaha YFH-631G Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $1,969.99
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    Allora AAFG-103F Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Allora AAFG-103F Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $599.99
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  3. Yamaha YFH-8310Z Custom Z Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $2,795.99
  4. Bach FH600 Aristocrat Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $1,268.00
  5. Levante LV-FH6205 Professional Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $569.99
  6. 20% off w/ rocktober
    Blessing BFH-1541RT Performance Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $1,749.00
  7. Cool Wind CFG-200 Series Plastic Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $289.95
  8. Adams F5 Selected Series Professional Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $3,245.00
  9. In-Cart Discount
    Jupiter JFH1100R Intermediate Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $1,199.00
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  10. 10% off w/ rocktober
    Getzen 595 Capri Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $1,699.00
  11. Amati AFH 201 Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $1,073.00
  12. Bach 183 Stradivarius Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $2,942.00
  13. Antoine Courtois Paris AC159R-1-0 Reference Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $3,815.00
  14. 20% off w/ rocktober
    Conn 1FR Vintage One Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $2,692.00
  15. Antoine Courtois Paris AC155-1-0 Professionel Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $3,552.00
  16. Cool Wind CFG-200 Metallic Series Plastic Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $359.95
  17. 10% off w/ rocktober
    Fides FFH-8200 Symphony Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $3,185.00
  18. Phaeton PHTF-LV-2900 "Las Vegas" Model Flugelhorn
    Product Price $2,699.00
  19. Phaeton PHTF-2800 Custom Series Black-Copper Antique Finish Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $2,219.00
  20. B&S 3148 Challenger II Brochon Elaboration Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $3,881.00
  21. B&S 3146 Challenger II Brochon Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $3,582.00
  22. B&S 3145 Challenger I Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $2,564.00
  23. Adams F3 Selected Series Professional Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $2,925.00
  24. Adams F2 Selected Series Professional Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $3,160.00
  25. Adams F4 Selected Series Professional Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $3,350.00
  26. Adams F1 Selected Series Professional Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $2,855.00
  27. B&S FBX X-Series Bb Flugelhorn
    B&S FBX X-Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $4,273.00
  28. In-Cart Discount
    XO 1646R Professional Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $2,895.00
  29. Yamaha YFH-8315G Custom Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $2,919.99
  30. Antoine Courtois Paris AC156R Professionel Series Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $4,038.00
  31. Antoine Courtois Paris AC154-1-0 Professionel Bb Flugelhorn
    Product Price $3,432.00

While the untrained eye may sometimes mistake the flugelhorn for a trumpet or cornet, the only thing that this unassuming descendant of the bugle family shares with those instruments (apart from its general look) is the same B-flat pitch. Originally developed as a military signal horn, the flugelhorn has survived to color the modern music scene with rich sound that can be heard in several different styles of music. When compared to a trumpet, the flugelhorn's bell is wider, with a more pronounced cone. Acoustically, this translates into a fuller and mellower sound that lacks some of a trumpet's sharpness. As a result, the flugelhorn is well suited to a more relaxed role in a brass band. In popular music, its laid-back and smooth nature has made the flugelhorn a favorite of jazz musicians. This instrument entered the jazz scene as far back as the 1930s and has been played by countless musicians over the decades. From there, the flugelhorn found its way into other genres, most notably being played by Paul McCartney in several songs for the Beatles as well as in his solo career. A standard flugelhorn, like many of its brass cousins, has three piston valves. If you're new to the flugelhorn and have already played trumpet or cornet, this layout will make the transition fairly easy. For the experienced or adventurous player, you can expand your range by opting for a horn with four valves. In this design, the fourth valve works to lower the pitch, bringing more notes into its repertoire. There are many flugelhorns to choose from, so it's worth your while to make a careful decision. Any of these horns will sound at home in the instrument's usual places, which for you may be anywhere from a marching band to a jazz club to a recording studio.

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