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Flute & Piccolo Head Joints

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Flutes and piccolos, like most instruments, are made up of lots of connecting parts. Each one has its own role to play in creating the instrument's sound, and if we had to single out a single part as the most important one, the head joint would probably be the top candidate. Like a saxophone's reed or a trumpet's mouthpiece, the flute or piccolo's head joint is where the sound begins - it's the canvas that all of the other parts of the instrument have to work with. Swapping such a crucial part can make a big difference in your signature sound, which makes this selection of flute and piccolo head joints the perfect place to start if you want to fine-tune your instrument's tone quickly and easily.

Just like other parts, not to mention the instruments themselves, flute and piccolo head joints are available to suit a variety of musicians from the budget-minded beginner to the experienced pro. With that in mind, if you're a relatively new player, you might want to start your search with basic models like the Gemeinhardt Piccolo Headjoint, the Pearl Flutes PHA-2S Alto Flute Headjoint or the Yamaha Curved Headjoint for Student Model Flute. Parts like these deliver solid performance at an affordable price point, so you can keep your flute or piccolo sounding great without emptying your wallet.

On the other hand, if you're an advanced or professional player, you might be more interested in a head joint that's truly state-of-the art. In that case, check out options such as the Oleg Double Parabola Handmade Professional Flute Headjoint, the Pearl Flutes Grenaditte Piccolo Headjoint and the Haynes Headjoints with Gold Riser. Models of this caliber are favored by some of the world's best players - for instance, that Oleg head joint is widely used in the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra. If you want the finest head joints with no compromises, a choice like that is your best bet.

Since there's no better way to make an instrument your own than to customize it, it's safe to say that installing a new head joint in your flute or piccolo is just one more step toward total personalization - and the great playing experience that's sure to deliver. Gear up for a big audition, or simply get your hands on a no-frills head joint to keep as a spare: it's up to you. All it will take is a quick look through the lineup here to find what you need.