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Drumming shoes from Urbann Boards offer comfort, support and feel that you can't get from ordinary sneakers. Often misspelled as Urban Boards, they’ve worked with artists including Neil Peart, Virgil Donati, Aquiles Priester and Dennis Chambers to create unique designs that suit each drummer’s style. According to the Urbann Boards site, chief designer Rodrigo de Castilhos is a musician himself. A veteran footwear designer from Brazil, de Castilhos has been a force in global shoe design scene for decades. He came to Urbann Boards from Sugar Shoes, a world-renowned company in the fashion business. Describing his design, de Castilhos said, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard drummers complaining of clunky shoes, thick soles, loose grips on the pedals, as well as stinky, sweaty feet. … We’ve created the perfect shoe for drummers.”

Urbann Boards shoes have seven technologies built in. First, an acclaimed Nanotechnology that increases support and comfort throughout the entire shoe, from heel to toe. Second, Drummer Ergonomics mean Urbann Boards drum shoes more elegantly fit the shape of the human foot and complement the way your foot moves while drumming. You'll experience increased freedom of movement, comfort, lightness, and unrestricted blood circulation. The Drummer Smart Heel features a specific heel curvature for drumming that's higher than other shoes; the result is more speed, agility and comfort, as well as less muscle fatigue from playing the drums. Urbann Boards feature a High Performance Insole. The foot bed combines three materials; all high quality perforated EVA. It's absorbent, and even has essential oils embedded. The oils' analgesic, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties aid in injury prevention. The insole itself is made with lightweight, perforated materials to enhance your comfort and flexibility. Urbann Boards also feature a durable and flexible natural rubber outer sole. You will feel more with your feet and find perfect grip every time. The drum shoes feature a Maximum Performance Lining with hydro-repellent and essential oils. Your feet will be cooler, drier and more comfortable thanks to its special ventilation.

Lightweight and flexible, Urbann Boards shoes allow drummers to perform at their best. They provide extreme comfort, precision, breathability, glide, and excellent grip. If you haven’t tried Urbann Boards drum shoes, you’re missing out. Treat yourself to a new, more comfortable drumming experience.

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