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Known all over the world for their beauty and tone, MTD bases are masterpieces. Designer Michael Tobias builds his impressive instruments with his focus on the acoustics of his creations. It is his commitment to creating quality instruments that are strong acoustically that has made Tobias a legend among bassists. Bassists love the famous playability and quality of MTD basses for touring or recording. Max Bennet uses the Kingston Z and has worked with Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, the Beach Boys, and Celine Dion to name only a few. Pete Bremy likes the KZ6, CRB 4 and Saratoga 5 and has played with Vanilla Fudge and Lou Pallo. Robert "Mike" Gillis plays the Kingston Saratoga 5 and tours with Snoop Dogg and others. Many bassists take the MTD on the road to stand in for their custom instruments confident that they'll get the same great tone during performances while protecting their priceless originals.

When you're looking for a bass that is comfortable to play, the MTD Kingston Artist 5-String Fretless Bass Guitar is light and ergonomic. This professional quality bass features humbucker pickups and delivers the big sound and great tone that the serious player demands. If you're drawn by classic elegance, the KZ Fretless Bass is a popular pick for its gorgeous boutique bass style and professional features. This beauty boasts warm tones with no noise to give it terrific playability. For the bassist who's in demand and sitting in with everyone, the MTD Kingston Heir is for the versatile musician who wants to create a variety of tones. Terrific on stage or when you're playing around in the recording studio, this fretless bass has the same dual humbucking pickup as the Kingston and is an affordable choice for the musician who doesn't want to compromise on features. For the bassist who has a soft spot for timeless design, the MTD Kingston Saratoga 4-string Fretless Electric is a modern take on a classic J bass and delivers a broad spectrum of tones. Beginners and professionals can appreciate the MTD Kingston CRB 4-String. The modern version of the vintage designs played by classic rockers, this fretless bass has many of Michael Tobias' innovative features including P-style pickup, ergonomically carved body, and a quick release bridge. Designed with simple controls and powerful results, this bass lets you jam to your heart's content whether you're style is old school or modern rocker.

Tobias has learned a lot about acoustics while building and fixing guitars over the last forty years. As a bassist himself Michael Tobias has been able to combine his knowledge and experience to make bass building an art. Because he is so in tune with the needs of bassists, Tobias is driven to create basses that give the best tone possible.