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Gen16 is the new kid on the block, but it was born out of years of legendary tradition. Developed by Zildjian, Gen16 represents, simply put, a paradigm shift in cymbal design. By combining vintage building traditions with the most cutting edge of modern technology, Gen16 will bring your cymbals to life in ways you never before thought possible.

Gen16 represents the 16th generation of Zildjian cymbal makers. The cymbals are rich with electronic components, but can still be played just like "real" cymbals, simply because they are real cymbals. Their unique designs make them ideal for any environment, whether you're an educator who is teaching young players the basics of drumming, or a professional musician who is playing the opening night of the latest leg of the never ending world tour. With Gen16 cymbals, you'll be a percussionist who is ready for anything.

So which Gen16 cymbals are going to be perfect for you? That depends on what it is that you're looking for. There are plenty of options to choose from here, so take some time to look around and you'll be jamming in no time. If you're not sure where to begin your search, why not take a look at our best sellers? An option like the Zildjian Gen16 Crash, for example, might be everything you need. These revolutionary cymbals offer drummers the flexibility to use them in all types of musical application. Able to offer 20 percent of the volume, while still delivering 100 percent of the feel, these crash cymbals are a must for any diverse drummer. And these characteristics apply to all of the Gen 16 cymbals. From rides, to china cymbals, and splashes, these cymbals will keep your kit sounding absolutely incredible every time you sit behind it.

Gen16 is the next great leap forward for Zildjian cymbals. When you're looking for unbeatable versatility backed by unequaled experience, Gen16 is, without a doubt, your best bet.