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In the mid-'70s, the city of Detroit was loaded with bands who wanted to turn up and kick out the jams louder than anyone else who came before them. Inspired by the explosion of these killer performers, a University of Detroit Engineering School student by the name of Bruce Egnater decided that it was time to develop an amplifier that could handle the power of these extraordinary groups. Thus, Egnater Amplification was born, and within this catalog, you'll find a wide range of boutique amplifier cabinets that clearly prove why Egnater has been the go-to name of many guitarists for over 30 years.

When you consider the types of artists that inspired Mr. Egnater back in 1975, you should have a good indication of what you're in for when you purchase an Egnater guitar amplifier cabinet. From Alice Cooper to Ted Nugent and Iggy Pop, the Detroit influences ring loud and clear in every Egnater amplifier. For a cab that's oozing with classic tones, you'll love the Tweaker 112X 1x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet. Boasting birch-ply construction, this partially open-back cabinet is loaded with a Celestian G12H-30 12" speaker for a vintage-style sound. Compact and easy to use, the Tweaker 112X 1x13 Guitar Speaker Cabinet sounds remarkable in both studio and live environments.

Another popular item in this section is the Tourmaster 212X 2x12 Guitar Extension Cabinet. Built specifically for touring guitarists, this cabinet is ruggedly built, has metal handles and corners, rubber feet, and a detachable caster. Containing custom-voiced Egnater Celestian Elite-80 speakers, the Tourmaster 212x delivers a tight powerful low-end when its back is sealed, and classic '60s and '70s warmth when the panel is removed. Durable and versatile, this cabinet will satisfy any gigging rocker who hits the road with their band often.

And your options don't end there, so by all means check out Egnater's other amp cabinets as well. When you have the talent, drive, and determination to take your impressive guitar playing skills to the stage, you deserve an amplifier cabinet that perfectly reflects your own discerning tastes and talents. In other words, you deserve a guitar amplifier cabinet from Egnater.