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At Bugera, amps are taken seriously - so seriously, in fact, that each guitar amplifier head is hand-made in house and rigorously tested to withstand not only huge acoustic demands, but also the wear and tear of regular travel. Only once they've passed this serious set of tests do they receive the Bugera stamp of approval. The result of such meticulous design and production? A brand of amps and amp accessories that help performers hit their musical strides both on the stage and in the studio.

For guitarists who are looking for an amplifier head that projects a vintage sound and a cool, classic style, start your search with the Bugera Vintage V22HD 22W Tube Guitar Amp Head. Designed with three 12AX7 preamps and two EL84 power tubes, this sleek unit packs a powerful punch with the flexibility of two independent channels and selectable reverb, both of which are switchable via the included heavy-duty footswitch.

If you're a musician with a jack-of-all-trades style, the Bugera Trirec 100W 3-Channel Tube Guitar Amplifier Head may be right up your alley. This hand-built, versatile piece of equipment gives you three channel options. The first channel gives you pristine cleans with a DRIVE setting that produces dynamic crunch tones. Channels two and three offer the following overdrive modes: Classic for blues and classic rock sounds, Vintage for more gain for hard rock and Modern for pure, hard metal. It even features a Varipower dial so you can scale your output from one to a hundred watts. From low-key solo sessions to blowing the roof off a packed venue, this amp is ready to take on any challenge.

Bugera delivers amps for guitarists who have a passion for playing. Whether you're setting out solo or jamming with your bandmates, you can be sure you're adding serious sound and style to your stack with a Bugera guitar amp head.