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When you're all about the tone, the right guitar pickup can make all the difference. It'll reduce noise and allow your instrument to cut through, which is important whether you're on lead rockin' that solo, playing with a group or mixing music for a band. Dean is a well-known luthier with an impressive lineup of professional artists to vouch for the world-class engineering and quality of their products. If you're looking for a humbucker for your axe to transform your sound and compress any interference, these Dean Guitar Pickups are great whether you play metal, country or any style in between.

If you want your scorching guitar licks to cut through the mix without being too shrill or too bassy, the Dean Michael Schenker Lights Out Humbucker Pickup is a beauty that really delivers. The tone of this top-rated humbucker is bright, clear and warm. It features G-spaced positioning for the neck of your electric guitar, a 4-conductor cable, a ceramic magnet and DC resistance of 12K. And when you fit one of these pickups to an axe like a Flying V or a Deceiver, you'll also see that it looks as awesome as it sounds.

Another fantastic choice is the Dean Dime Time Humbucker Pickup that offers clean but punchy tone. Modeled after Dimebag Darrel's actual git box, it was designed with the help of Grady Champion. Specs include a G-spaced neck position, 4 conductors, ceramic magnet and DC resistance of 13.9K. For anyone who wants to alter the audio output of their axe and buck the hum, this sweet neck pickup impresses whether you're playing rock or other musical styles.

Dean's guitar techs spend hours perfecting the designs of their humbuckers and the ones in this catalog are just a couple of great examples of the high standards that the company has become famous for. If you're looking to recreate those legendary Shenker tones or blistering Dimebag shred licks, these Dean Guitar Pickups make it easy for you to completely change your sound forever.

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