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It probably would have been hard for Leo Fender to imagine, when he started his little shop, just how big and influential the Fender name would become. It's saying a lot, after all, when releasing a revolutionary instrument like the original Stratocaster is only one of the many highlights of your company's résumé. And it's not just about the complete instruments anymore, either - with so many artists kit-building Fender guitars, restoring vintage axes and even converting other brands to get a more familiar sound out of them, there's a huge demand for genuine parts like the Fender guitar pickups found in this section.

A set of these pickups could be just the thing to help you reinvent the tone of your instrument. Maybe you've got an entry-level Squier you're looking to upgrade into the full Fender experience? Or you might simply want to get some of the advantages of humbuckers on a Strat by outfitting it with the Fender Super 55 Split Coil Stratocaster Pickup Set. Of course, there are also some full-on humbuckers here, like the Fender Twin Head Vintage Humbucking Neck Pickup. But they're dwarfed by a massive selection of single-coils that stays true to Fender's roots and offers options for classic guitars from the Strat and Telecaster to the Jazzmaster and Jaguar. Noiseless or vintage, mainstream or Custom Shop - the choices go on and on.

So don't hesitate to start browsing through the library of Fender guitar pickups. With so many options on the table, there's a great chance you'll find the best set for the sound you're trying to create no matter what that happens to be. And it goes without saying that Fender's pickups are tried, tested and proven - they've got the decades of history to prove that, after all. The only thing really left for you to find out is what they can do for you individually once you've got them on your guitar!