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Some musicians want their guitar strap to be flashy while others prefer a more refined look. If you fall under the latter, then you'd probably agree that there's something truly elegant and sophisticated about a white guitar strap. Maybe you wear a white tuxedo during your performances, or maybe you're the proud owner of an Epiphone Antique Les Paul Custom Blackback and want a strap that matches its ivory finish. Whatever brought you to this selection of white guitar straps, you'll be sure to find one that feels and looks fantastic.

White guitar straps are offered by all of today's most trusted music accessory brands. From Ernie Ball and DiMarzio to Franklin Strap, LM Products and more, these companies put a great deal of hard work and passion into every white guitar strap they make. If you prefer the feel of nylon, check out the LM Products Surelock Guitar Strap. These 2" straps boast Surelock ends so you don't need to modify your guitar to rock out securely. Or how about the DiMarzio 2" White Nylon ClipLock Guitar Strap. The fabric of this strap conforms to your body for optimal comfort and it is strong enough to hold over 150 pounds. ClipLock Guitar Straps are favored by many heavy hitters in the industry like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, so you can bet you're in for a treat.

And those aren't your only choices: for fans of leather, there's the D'Addario Planet Waves Traditional Leather Guitar Strap. A top seller, this strap has an exclusive, tapered-contour design to prevent twisting when being used on acoustic guitars. Or, if cotton is more your cup of tea, turn your attention to the Franklin Strap 3" Natural Cinch Guitar Strap. Fully adjustable to 54", this strap boasts a unique combination of leather and soft, natural cotton. To put it simply, this strap is as easy on the shoulders as it is on the eyes.

As you can see, your white guitar strap options are far-ranging. No matter what your aspirations may be as a guitarist, you deserve a strap that never holds you back from reaching your greatest playing potential. Thankfully, today's instrument strap manufacturers are committed to designing guitar straps that are strong, comfortable and attractive - and the white guitar straps here are no exception.