Ibanez Artcore Vintage Electric Guitars

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Thanks to Ibanez, you don't have to pull out a second mortgage to be in possession of an authentic-looking (and sounding) hollowbody guitar. The Ibanez Artcore Vintage series features an impressive variety of 6-strings that could easily be mistaken for an actual axe from the golden age of guitar making. Even better is that they're affordable enough for even regular, working musicians to own. Whether you're a performing jazz guitarist or a casual blues strummer, this selection of Ibanez Artcore Vintage electric guitars has something to your liking.

While any one of the guitars in this section is worthy of your attention, we'll suggest starting with a best seller first - that way, you can get a good idea of what today's players are digging most from this killer series. For example, check out the ASV10A Semi-Hollowbody. This masterpiece is a versatile powerhouse that boasts a mahogany Artcore vintage set-in neck and is loaded with Classic Elite neck and bridge pickups. The result is a gorgeous guitar that's ideal for playing country, jazz, blues or rock. Another popular choice is the AGV10A Hollowbody Electric Guitar. Sporting a tobacco burst finish, Classic Elite pickups for a wide tonal range and an ART1 bridge for easy intonation and action adjustments, this guitar is priced for the hobbyist but made for serious stage performers.

Of course, you can always dive into this page and explore the rest of the Ibanez Artcore Vintage electric guitar series with your own eyes. With a name like Ibanez, you can always expect a high level of workmanship in whatever you choose - and make no mistake, the Artcore Vintage line is further proof that they look just as much to the past for inspiration as they do to the future. So without further ado, take your pick!