Ibanez Artstar Prestige Electric Guitars

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Ibanez's reputation for constructing some of the finest electric guitars on the globe couldn't be more evident than in their Artstar Prestige series. Through a combination of old-school Japanese craftsmanship, modern innovation and suggestions from professional guitarists, they've created a gorgeous lineup of axes that would make even the most seasoned veteran excited. Whether you're an intricate jazz session player or a soul-driven blues performer, you owe it to yourself to check out this selection of Ibanez Artstar Prestige electric guitars.

So the first question is, are you searching for a semi-hollow or hollowbody guitar? You'll find both in the Artstar Prestige series - in fact, the AF200 Hollowbody electric guitar is a top-rated item. This custom-built powerhouse is equipped with Ibanez's famous Super 58 pickups to deliver a fullness and balanced tone ranging from clean to dirty. Of course, the AF200 also boasts a high level of master luthiery, which the smooth bound ebony fingerboard and hand-filed edge make obvious.

Now, if it's a semi-hollow that you prefer, take a closer look at the AM205. Like the hollowbody mentioned above, this masterpiece is the result of Ibanez's top luthiers utilizing their skills with only the best woods and components. From its Gotoh 510BN bridge to its set-in neck antique violin finish, the AM205 semi-hollow electric guitar is clearly made with serious stage musicians in mind.

Precision, performance and playability - those are the three "P"s that define Ibanez Artstar Prestige electric guitars. When you consider that pioneers like George Benson and Pat Metheny have counted on Ibanez to bring their skills to the forefront, you better believe that you're in for a treat when you strap on one of these 6-strings. The only thing left to do now is jump into this section and start exploring the rest of your options.