Ibanez Artwood Vintage Acoustic Guitars

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While Ibanez is known worldwide for staying on the cutting-edge of instrument building, this catalog sees them taking a slightly different direction. With the Artwood Vintage series, Ibanez has dug deep into their roots to create a line of acoustic guitars that could easily be mistaken for authentic models from the golden age of guitar craftsmanship. With their exceptional playability, slightly distressed look and incredible tone, Artwood Vintage acoustic guitars are proof that Ibanez looks to the past for inspiration just as much as the future. Whether you're into jazz, blues, folk or country, there's bound to be something to your liking in this selection.

To make your search easier, you might want to consider starting with the best sellers. For example, the AVN6 Artwood Vintage Distressed Parlor Acoustic Guitar is a small-bodied workhorse with an old-school flair that includes a solid Sitka spruce top and satin-finish mahogany neck. It delivers a bright high-end, full low-end and stays in tune amazingly through countless strums.

Or, if it's a beautifully-crafted dreadnought that you're after, check out the AVD9 Artwood Vintage Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar. The exceptional frequency range of this 6-string is the result of Thermo-Aged Spruce X bracing. For an extra classic vibe, the AVD9 sports tortoiseshell binding, open gear tuners and butterbean knobs. With one strum of this guitar, you'll be blown away by its top-notch clarity, projection and sustain.

But why stop there? There are many other Ibanez Artwood Vintage acoustic guitars here to ponder, including the AVC9 grand concert, the unique 4-string AVT1NT tenor acoustic and even a unique 4-string mini dreadnought that comes stage-ready with an AEQ-SP2 preamp. From portable parlors to boisterous dreadnoughts, the Artwood Vintage series has it all. The only thing left for you to do now is dive in and see for yourself.