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About JBL

With its roots dating back to the 1930s, JBL has tons of experience designing professional-grade speakers and developing innovative technology. JBL has what it takes to make sure that your music is heard just the way you intend it to be—from the studio to the stage—and everything in between. Whether you want to enjoy your music poolside with Bluetooth streaming, give a presentation in a corporate board room, or fill a concert venue with rich, powerful sound, JBL has an audio solution for you.

Accuracy is everything when it comes to studio monitors. When you’re producing music, you want to hear every nuance of a track without an exaggerated bass response. Vocals should be clean and true, and highs should be crystal clear. JBL has been building professional-grade monitors since the 1970s, so its engineers and designers know a thing or two about accurate sound. With models such as the 305P MKII and 308P MKII powered monitors, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get quality monitors with a smooth, flat response in your home or professional studio. No matter which model you choose, the LSR310S powered 10” studio subwoofer will round out the low end of your setup and accurately reproduce your music’s deepest notes.

Live sound is another arena in which JBL has decades of experience, having produced professional loudspeakers since the company’s inception. Whether you need a concert-grade line array system for a medium-size venue, or you’re a mobile DJ looking for a portable, yet powerful setup, JBL has the perfect product for you. For mobile entertainers, it’s hard to beat the venerable EON Series’ portability, high output and clear sound. Striking an ideal balance between simplicity, flexibility and power, the EON ONE Series marks JBL's foray into the realm of all-in-one powered column PA systems. Boasting a sleek tower filled with high-frequency drivers and a bass module as its foundation, the EON ONE personal line array delivers wide dispersion, an onboard mixer and Class-D output. For even greater freedom, the EON ONE PRO steps things up a notch with an onboard rechargeable battery, giving you up to six hours of wireless playing time.

When it comes to worry-free, casual listening, JBL has made a splash with its lineup of totally wireless, portable Bluetooth speakers. Great for just hanging out with friends, taking to the beach or bringing along on a camping trip, JBL's personal speakers are just as rugged as they are stylish. And they deliver the kind of sound you'd expect from a company known for producing high-end professional audio systems. The JBL Charge speaker offers fully waterproof performance, and features a massive onboard power bank for charging mobile devices. The Charge Bluetooth speaker's large Bass Radiator gives impressive low-end response that belies its highly portable size. With an even smaller footprint, the JBL Flip also lets you enjoy your tunes at the beach or poolside, thanks to its IPX7 waterproof rating.

History of JBL Speakers

JBL speakers provide innovative live sound solutions and have a long history of technological development. Founder James B. Lansing initially created the Lansing Manufacturing Company in 1927. Lansing Manufacturing was acquired by Altec Service Company in 1941. In 1946, Lansing split off to found JBL. With Lansing’s track record of producing great live sound systems, including the first speaker for cinemas, JBL came out of the gate strong with their 15” D130 speaker. It was the first-ever speaker to feature a 4” flat wire, coil-in cone transducer.

After Lansing died in 1949, JBL continued to expand on live sound tech. As the rock ‘n’ roll era of the 1950s began, the D130 was hailed as the ideal guitar driver. This launched JBL into the world of live music and JBL speakers became crucial for many performers. The 1960s saw JBL develop the first 2-way studio monitor and the 3-way 4310 speaker. They even outfitted the legendary 1969 Woodstock festival. In the 1970s, JBL released consumer versions of their best-selling live sound speakers with the L100 Series, and the first 4-way monitors.

In 1980, JBL was the first company to introduce Bi-Radial Constant dispersion technology. In 1981, they incorporated this tech into the first bi-radial monitor, the 4400. It quickly became popular in recording studios. JBL introduced the Control speakers in 1986, and the Array Series and EON speakers in the 1990s. These JBL speakers continue to be innovated today. JBL has plenty of products for everyone from mobile performers to touring bands to houses of worship. From studio monitors to PA and Bluetooth speakers, JBL has a range of live sound solutions.

JBL Speaker Technology

What sets JBL apart is their technological developments. Their patented Differential Drive is an innovative solution for the speaker driver that brings bigger performance in a small package. Differential Drive gives JBL drivers better heat dissipation, lower power compression and higher dynamic range compared to other single-coil designs. Plus, it enhances frequency response and helps with distortion, even at high SPLs. JBL’s trademarked Progressive Transition Waveguides allow the speaker sidewalls to transition from the driver throat to the mounting flange. It eliminates the diffraction slot. The result is increased coverage control that can rotate from vertical to horizontal setups.

Other innovations include SonicGuard, which prevents drivers from overpowering. To increase the detail of live sound, JBL developed the patent-pending Image Control Waveguide. It adds control and accuracy to the speaker’s sound. JBL’s patented Slip Stream is a low-frequency port that produces better bass tones and reduces turbulence. Many speaker cabinets are finished with DuraFlex, a durable coating that protects speakers on the road. JBL also incorporates Crown’s proprietary DriveCore technology into their amps. DriveCore helps lower the cost of the speakers, and delivers simple, high-quality sound solutions.

JBL PA Speakers

Whether you need a powered or passive PA speaker, JBL has a variety of loudspeaker systems. The SRX800 Series is available in both powered and passive models. These PA speakers work well as DJ speakers and for touring musicians. They feature Differential Drive and Crown DriveCore technology. Plus, configurable DSP and HiQnet Network gives you individualized control. JBL’s powered PRX800 Series speakers are efficient thanks to Class-D power amps and Differential Drive. If you need an all-in-one system, JBL’s EON Series are portable, rugged and have high output.

For passive PA speakers outside the SRX800 Series, JBL has the JRX200 and the PRX400 Series. Designed to be cost-effective while keeping great JBL technology, the JRX200 Series delivers sound solutions for budget-conscious mobile performers and bands. With high-voltage capacitors and the Progressive Transition Waveguide, the JRX200 PA speakers have high power capabilities and smooth response. The PRX400 Series is built for the road with tough DuraFlex finishes and ergonomic design, plus SonicGuard to protect the driver.

JBL Subwoofers

Once you’ve decided on your PA speakers, don’t forget to snag a powered or passive JBL subwoofer for low-frequency sounds. In the passive SRX800 Series, JBL incorporates Differential Drive for extended low-frequency response with low distortion. Plus, wooden enclosures with DuraFlex finish give extra durability. For DJs and bands on a budget, the JBL JRX218S and PRX418S are affordable 18” passive subwoofers that deliver deep bass sound.

JBL Studio Monitors

When you need precise sound reproduction in the studio, check out JBL’s studio monitors. If you’re tight on space, seek the Control Series for a compact design that delivers exceptional performance. Transducers in this series are magnetically shielded so they can be used near video monitors without interference.

The 3 Series MkII monitors feature JBL’s Image Control Waveguide. They also have updated and optimized transducers, and boundary EQ settings to compensate for low-frequency variants. Plus, Slip Stream gives these studio monitors superior bass performance, and custom Class-D amps provide high output and dynamic range.

JBL’s powered LSR310S studio subwoofer is a compact 10” model that’s great for your studio monitor system. With a Slip Stream port, low bass power really comes through. In the SRX818SP subwoofer, Differential Drive and DriveCore technology deliver clarity in the low end. These speakers can also be tuned wirelessly if you connect them to your Android or iOS tablet.

JBL Bluetooth Speakers

Looking to bring JBL speaker technology to a casual setting? Their Bluetooth-enabled speakers are built for laid-back house parties and lounging by the pool. Many of JBL’s Bluetooth speakers are waterproof, so you can blast your playlist without worrying about spills and splashes damaging your tech. You can even link JBL Bluetooth speakers to each other using either PartyBoost or Connect+ technology for bigger sound.

Want long-lasting play? The JBL Charge gives you up to 20 hours of music, and the retro-styled JBL Boombox plays for up to 24 hours. Want a soundtrack for your next outdoor adventure? Attach the Clip speaker to your backpack, or grab the JBL Xtreme, which includes a transport-ready carrying case. Ready to take your party to the next level? Check out the Flip speaker or the LED-enabled Pulse Bluetooth speakers.

Other JBL Products

Beyond PA speakers, studio monitors, subwoofers and Bluetooth speakers, JBL also makes headphones. Whether you need in-ear headphones, wireless athletic headphones, or over-the-ear, noise-cancelling headphones, JBL has a design that you’ll love.