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Every musician deserves a reliable instrument to work with, and ever since Fender acquired the name, it's been Squier's mission to make that possible. They do that by releasing iconic Fender designs in a simple, affordable package that fits everyone's budget - and by not limiting those releases to right-handed only. Squier left handed electric bass guitars make it possible for southpaws to own and play one of these instruments without having to turn it upside-down, so you can get your groove on just as easily as your right-handed buddies. And with the stellar lineage behind these basses, you'll be doing it in style, too.

A great example of what you can expect to find in this section is the Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Left Handed. This axe comes standard with a basswood body, or you can step up to the maple-bodied version if you prefer the snappier sound of a harder tonewood. Either way, you'll be looking at a set of Fender-designed pickups and a slim "C"-profile neck that's great for nimble-fingered bassists and beginners alike. These basses are kitted-out for a slick 1970s look, feel and sound, including finishing touches like three-ply pickguards, four-saddle bridges, chromed control knobs and open-gear tuners.

If you've been pining for the lefty vintage Fender of your dreams, but have never managed to make those dreams come true, then a Squier left handed electric bass could be the answer. Think of them like the Fender everyone can bring home - whether you're a budget-minded pro or a beginner in need of an instrument that's practical and playable with top-rate performance. Squier basses are all of the above, with some of the best bang for your buck in the industry. All that's missing is for you to plug one into your favorite amp and effects loop, and find out firsthand what you can do with it.