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Microphones come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and not every situation calls for the standard handheld type. If you're looking for a unique mic, something from this lineup of Crown microphones & wireless systems could be the answer. Specializing in boundary and pressure zone microphones, Crown makes a great choice for tasks such as ambient sound recording and studio monitoring. These microphones are also well-suited for use outside your musical pursuits, including video conferencing and recording meetings. From production to professional, there are plenty of occasions to take advantage of Crown mics.

Most of the microphones in this section belong to the boundary or general-purpose PZM family. A few examples of these would be the PZM30D Boundary Microphone and PCC170 SW Surface Mount Supercardioid Boundary Microphone. Mics like these at the edges of the stage are a must-have for live recording. Interested in making your own music videos at home? Don't miss the Crown Sound Grabber II PZM Condenser Microphone; it works great with camcorders, so it's an excellent all-around performer for video capture.

Are you searching for something that can permanently mount in a wall, ceiling, stage or tabletop for passive monitoring of a studio or any other space? If so, check out the Crown MB3 Mini Boundary Mic and PZM10 Pressure Zone Microphone. With these models, most of the mic body is hidden away behind the mounting surface, so they take up virtually no space. Their response patterns have a directional bias, so they work nicely when you want to pick up audio from a specific area.

Whether you go specialty with Crown's extensive range of boundary and PZM microphones or even take a more traditional angle with the CM311 Headworn Condenser Mic, great recording quality is a given. It's just a matter of choosing the microphone that best fits your own needs. With Crown's lengthy experience in live sound, you can definitely count on their mics to produce high-quality results on the stage as well as in the studio.