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When passionate audio engineers get together to make something, magic can happen. Just look at the mixers made by Alto. Known for their outstanding performance, advanced technology, and intuitive designs, the mixers found in this section are some of the most highly rated and sought after on the market today. And Alto wouldn't have it any other way. Giving musicians everything they need to make music their way, Alto is "as passionate about making the tools to help you be heard as you are about the music you create".

So what type of mixer are you looking for in order to be heard? If you're just getting into mixing and you're looking for something to learn on, start your search with the top rated Alto Zephyr Series ZMX862 6-Channel Compact Mixer. Featuring a total of eight inputs, three-shelf EQ on each mono and stereo channel, color-coded sections and more, this reliable mixer was designed with single acts in mind. A small-format mixing console, the ZMX862 is everything you need to rock small venues everywhere.

If you're after something with more of a professional edge though, you're going to love the Alto LIVE 2404 24-Channel 4-Bus Mixer. With a total of 24 analog inputs, USB connectivity, onboard effects, dynamic compression, switchable phantom power, as well as a host of other DPS tools, this mixing console is packed with powerful features. Offering high-fidelity sound in a medium-sized package, the LIVE 2404 is the perfect mix of quality, versatility and accessibility.

Alto's goal has always been to offer all their musicians the best. The best gear, the best sound and the best prices. So if you're a musician or engineer looking to take the next step in your creative development, check out Alto and their mixers. You'll be more than impressed with what you find.