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About Mooer:

Owners of Mooer effects units are well aware of how easy it is to get inventive once they plug in their instrument. Founded in 2012, Mooer's forward-thinking team of effect experts have been providing musicians from around the world with compact yet powerful stomp boxes, and a quick glance at this selection will show how extensive their catalog has grown since. From digital delay and acoustic guitar simulators to phasers, wahs, distortion and reverb, Mooer has plenty of options to help you broaden the possibilities of your performance.

Mooer certainly doesn't discriminate when it comes to music tastes. For proof, just look at the diverse range of top-recording artists who endorse Mooer's state-of-the-art designs, which currently includes shredder Tommy Bolan, session guitarist Leonardo Guzman, and singer-songwriter Billy Libby. Speaking of shredders, any headbanger would love the Rage Machine Metal Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal. Packed with an impressive variety of tones, this pedal has true bypass, features two EQ knobs that allow you to shape your tone just how you like, and a level knob that lets you dial into the exact amount of distortion you want. Plus, the Rage Machine is enclosed in Mooer's signature road-ready casing, so you can bet that it's as tough as it sounds.

Aside from the pedals themselves, Mooer also specializes in power supplies, and any experimental rocker who incorporates numerous effects throughout their performance will appreciate the Micro Power Supply. One of Mooer's best sellers, you can run up to 8 effects from this single unit. Additionally, each output contains LEDs for playing on dimly-lit floors, and its dull polished feature protects you from reflected spotlights while on stage. Simply put, the Micro Power Supply would be an exceptional choice for anyone who wants to save on batteries while exploring their musical horizons.

With a seemingly endless range of effects pedals to choose from, we'd be here all day to talk about every single option available in this section, so by all means dive in and check out Mooer's other choices. The fact that you've learned how to play a musical instrument is a clear indication that you have a creative side. All you need is the right tools to let your imagination run wild, and for that, Mooer has just the answer.