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About Native Instruments:

The motto at Native Instruments is "the future of sound," and the truth is, they're on to something with that. This is a manufacturer that definitely knows what it's doing, and all you need to do to see that for yourself is to check out the high-end pro audio and DJ gear they have to offer. With a focus on technology, Native Instruments is undeniably in touch with the digital direction of the music industry.

One of the best ways to see that is to look at their software packages. Take Komplete 9, for example: it's a mind-blowing library of virtual instruments and professional effects that can easily take your studio work to the next level. This is a package that comes by its name honestly, since it really is a complete collection of all the Native Instruments software essentials. And, of course, the tools in Komplete 9 are all designed to work seamlessly with the Maschine Mk2 controller.

That brings us to Native Instruments' other strength: hardware. The Maschine is just the beginning, too. For DJs, there's no better equipment to have in your booth than the Traktor Kontrol and Traktor Scratch series of gear. These are advanced controllers, mixers and jogwheel tables that empower you to bring your A-game every time you strut your DJ skills. Some of the Native Instruments bundles even include both hardware and software, such as the Komplete Audio 6 interface. That two-in-one concept makes these options very useful for getting a studio up and running from scratch in no time flat.

Whether you're a DJ or a recording engineer, Native Instruments should absolutely be at the top of your list when you're in need of new equipment, be it physical or digital. Looking exclusively forward has given Native Instruments the ability to really cater to the modern digital creative space, and that translates into powerful tools that leave you well-prepared for your own future in the industry.