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If you know a friend or family member who is a vinyl enthusiast or a professional DJ who prefers wax to digital, then there's a good chance they're familiar with Ortofon cartridges and styli. Founded in 1918, Ortofon is internationally acclaimed for their durable, high-quality cartridges for both DJ applications and personal listening environments. Browse this catalog and see for yourself that Ortofon's selection of cartridges and styli is packed with top-rated and best-selling models for every budget.

So the question is, are you looking to replace your styli or cartridge? If you're a DJ who's after the latter, check out the OM S-120 Premounted DJ Turntable Cartridge. What you have here is the first turntable cartridge ever to employ Asymmetric Suspension. With this new technology, you can use a wide variety of tracking force without any change in sound reproduction. This tracking force can be played extremely low and be increased as high as 10 grams for extreme groove handling abilities. The OM S-120 is also engineered to work with Serato SL and SL3 interfaces. No doubt, if any cartridge proves that old-school vinyl has been fully embraced by the digital revolution, it's this one.

And your styli options are far-reaching here as well. For example, the Spherical Night Club Stylus is for the Concorde Night Club S and OM Night Club S cartridges and is highly regarded for its sound quality and ability to hold up through various scratching techniques. While you're at it, take a closer look at the DJ E Elliptical DJ Stylus. Designed for the Concorde DJ E and the OM DJ E cartridge, this stylus has a frequency range between 20-22.000 Hz and a tracking angle of 20 degrees; not to mention, it comes at an amazing price.

Whether you're an active club DJ or a meticulous vinyl audiophile, there's bound to be a cartridge or styli in this section for you. Ortofon's knack for staying on the cutting edge of electronic audio equipment has earned them respect from many professional DJs, including DJ Jose Rodriguez, DJ Eskei 83 and many more. No matter how you spin it, Ortofon cartridges and styli are truly in a class of their own.