Shure may be best known today for their line of microphones, but they've actually been in the phonograph cartridge business since 1933. By the mid-1940s, they were the largest supplier of phonograph cartridges in the United States and at their peak made over 28,000 cartridges a day. In fact, in 1964, their Stereo Dynetic Cartridge was considered to be the finest ever made. Today, Shure cartridges and styli are preferred by countless vinyl enthusiasts and vinyl DJs. On this page alone you'll discover an impressive range of replacement cartridges and stylus needles for both performance applications and personal home use.

Shure offers many best-selling cartridges here and starting with those is a great way to narrow down your search. For example, the SC35C General Purpose DJ Cartridge is ideal for all-purpose DJ use and is highly regarded for its amazing sound accuracy and excellent output. Or how about the M44-7 Competition DJ Cartridge. Featuring extreme skip resistance, low record burn and employing low mass, the M44-7 is perfect for DJs who value the art of scratching.

As for styli, the right one for you will depend on the cartridge you currently own or plan to match it with. There are many popular choices here, including the N35X Stylus for M35X Cartridge. This house/techno needle is made specifically for mix and spin applications and is solidly-built to hold up through countless gigs. Another terrific styli for mixing is the Shure Styli for M35S Cartridge. The spherical radius tip on this model rides smoothly over a large footprint in the record, and the result is a very clear and detailed sound.

When you consider the kind of sterling reputation that Shure has built for themselves over the past century, you can bet that any one of these cartridges or styli will be a huge upgrade to your turntable. So go ahead and make your choice, and before you know it you'll be spinning and scratching your way into hearts, minds and feet of everyone in the club at your next DJ gig.

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