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With a history in strings that dates back to 1770, Savarez is no stranger to the world of classical guitar. In fact, when nylon was first discovered in the early 1900's, it was Savarez that first used this material to devise a new kind of guitar string. Savarez strings are consistently praised and renowned for being amongst the highest quality string brands in the world, and they've been industry leaders in string development and research since their earliest incarnation.

Savarez Nylon strings are held in high regard by players from across the globe, and continuously endorsed by famous players such as Alexandre Lagoya, Ida Presti, Beta Rojas, and many others. Without question, you'll have no problem achieving a guitar tone that's bursting with power, clarity and sustain when you go with Savarez Nylon Strings.

For a tone that's clear and true, Savarez traditional trebles are made of rectified nylon that is characterized by a unique unpolished finish. In regard to vibrato and stability, these treble strings are unbelievably easy to control, and overall they make a superb choice for the most demanding classical player. Another top seller in the extensive Savarez catalog is the 500CRJ Corum Cristal classic guitar string. By combining Cristal Red nylon trebles with Blue Corum basses, Savarez has concocted a string set that's perfectly balanced in brightness, easy playability, and high flexibility.

With the heart and passion that goes into playing classical guitar, it only makes sense for the instrument to be equipped with a set of strings that have been designed with an equal amount of love and care. When you go with Savarez nylon strings, you're going with a brand of string that has a long and rich history in the world of classical guitar playing. Make no mistake, the smooth sound of a Savarez nylon string will surely take the sound of any aspiring classical guitarist to new heights.