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About PG Music:

If you're new to making music, you probably won't remember a time when most of the work had to be done on analog hardware and nearly every sample needed to come straight from a real instrument. That's because music software, through the 1990s and 2000s, has completely revolutionized the way we create. One of those pieces of software is the Band-in-a-Box series from PG Music. With these digital tools in your kit, you'll never need to play solo because you'll always have an accompaniment ready to go with the click of a mouse button.

Band-in-a-Box isn't only a great tool for recording and recreational music playing. It's also a great asset for educators, which is why PG Music offers a 5-User Lab Pack. This set makes it simple and economical to equip an academic music lab, especially since it comes in at an education-specific price point. Every version of Band-in-a-Box supports MIDI, RealTracks and RealDrums, providing plenty of customizability along with the opportunity to make your own styles from scratch. Once you've made a song in Band-in-a-Box, it's simple to export as a MIDI or audio file for sequencing or sharing.

You'll also notice that the selection of Band-in-a-Box products includes expansion packs like the UltraPlusPAK as well as the core software. These are great ways to get even more out of your Band-in-a-Box install, adding new functionality along with bonus styles and sound sets. PG Music is even thoughtful enough to ship these on USB drives, so they'll be faster and easier to install than they would be from a DVD. If you want an expanded Band-in-a-Box right from the start, you can also go for the MEGAPAK version, which comes with all kinds of additions above and beyond the basic edition of the software.

There's no faster way to get some musical accompaniment than by generating it with a program like Band-in-a-Box. PG Music has definitely created a great tool in this software, which is easy to see not just by the audible results but also by the fact that musicians everywhere have been using it for more than 20 years.