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Recording doesn't always occur in the comfort of a studio. Creativity can strike at any time, and if you come up with a new lyric or riff idea on the fly, you shouldn't have to wait for the opportunity to record it. By the same token, there's no need to drag a bulky recording setup out to every jam session. And what if you want to record something else besides your music, like a speech or college lecture? These are perfect situations for TASCAM portable & field recorders.

What's really great about the recorders in this section is that, even though they're generally small enough to hold in your hand, the sound quality they capture is still incredibly high. Each model with built-in microphones has two of them, allowing for native stereo recording. That configuration, combined with TASCAM's impressive electronics, delivers a level of audio quality above and beyond what you might expect from something so compact.

When you have a TASCAM portable recorder, the barriers on what is "recordable" really start to come down. For example, suppose you're walking on a spring day, hear some birds singing, and think that'd be a great background sound to dub into a short film or even use as a sample for transforming into some really cool music. No problem: just take out your TASCAM recorder and you can get a studio-ready recording of it in the blink of an eye.

Another possibility to consider while browsing this section, either for a new TASCAM portable recorder or one you already own, is the option of adding accessories. For instance, the BP-L2 Battery Pack can give your DR-1 Digital Recorder a new lease on life. And any of TASCAM's field recorders can benefit from the AK-DR11G Accessory Pack, which comes with a case and power adapter, as well as a grip that lets you hold the recorder like an ordinary mic, and a fur windscreen that's a must-have for outdoor recording.

If you're ready to take your recording "on the road," then TASCAM is ready with the range of portable & field recorders to get you there. Add any of these to your equipment collection and there will literally be no place you can't capture audio on the fly. No matter what breed of audio enthusiast you are, a portable recorder is worth its weight in gold.